Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Arm Candies

Hi everyone,

I get the arm swag trend that's been so popular lately. I get it. Yet, I can't bring myself to execute it. I'm more of a one bracelet at a time girl. While having an arm full of bracelets is cool and all, things can get heavy sometimes. But things has changed. I now can wear two chunky bracelets at the same time and feel good about them.

Perhaps the greatest finds are the ones you discovered without having any expectations. This is the case for my last bracelet that I got during my Buddhist pagoda tour I took last Sunday. We barely had time to do anything but temple hopping (it's like club hopping but without the dancing and music. You get to bow and pray a lot, though.) But during this stop at one temple, we had about 5 minutes before heading to the bus and there it was, a souvenir shop ran by monks!

I did some digging and found this treasure:

I was in need of a prayer bracelet and this one looked cool with all the carvings. On top of that, it was utterly cheap and since I already donated most of my money I brought that I earned from writing articles, I could only afford something like this.

Look at the intricate carvings! So lovely! They were supposed to be tiny pictures of the Buddha but to me, they look like little angels :)

Now, going back to the arm swag trend: I coupled it with the bracelet I bought at a church during the Christmastime. I think my luck of finding good bracelets happens when I am at religious places :)

I love this combination, especially because the bracelets look tribal chic when I wear them together. Also, they are not too heavy and weigh my arm down.

I tried to combine them with my watch but it doesn't look so good. I do have tiny wrists and these two bracelets do not leave a lot of space left for my watch. Besides with three, this looks like arm armor rather than arm swag. A little bit too para-military to me.

Right now, I'm oh-so-slowly inching toward accessorizing myself. I've always had a penchant for necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets but I have no idea how to put them together. I'd buy them if they look nice and believe it or not, I feel very relaxed at the craft stores. Now that I don't have too many accessories, it's refreshing that I can find new uses and ways to combine them together.

How about you? Do you enjoy the arm swag trend? How do you wear all them cute bracelets at the same time? Just tell me your secret, I need to learn!

Dao xoxo

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