Monday, December 19, 2011

Feliz Navidad para mí!

Hi everyone,

Last Saturday, I went to this charity event with my brother. It was a Christmas celebration for handicapped and orphaned children. We all enjoyed the performance and felt the early spirit of Christmas during that time. I got a moment to walk around and there were a lot of vendors selling hand-made goods. All of these goods were made by the children and the profit is used to feed and shelter them. Needless to say, I decided to do some good deeds and brought two items.

I bought a wallet and a bracelet. The Nyquil pills were for my cold :(
I love this bracelet from the first moment I saw it. It's so unique with all the glass beads and they look even more stunning under bright light.
LOVE this embroidered wallet. I originally went for the orange one with golden embroidery but changed my mind. This combination is more elegant without being too overly ostentatious.
Notice how I like to take close-ups of things? Well, this wallet makes it hard not to. The embroidery is so beautiful!
The thing is, I don't wear bracelets that much, if at all. But I do like my new bracelet very much. It is comfortable yet has some weight to it. I guess I like how it lays flat to my skin. The embroidered wallet is something I don't see that often and it is chic enough for me to go to events.

As the organizations did not ask for donation, buying gifts is the way to support them. I hope these children are going to have a nice Christmas and I know their beautiful creations have made mine a lot more cheerful.

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