Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Poor Woman's Clarisonic

Hi everyone,

My beloved facial cleansing brush that I just bought about a week ago.
Yup, that's my frugal version of a Clarisonic. Read on for more details!
A few Christmases ago, I received a gift that transformed my skin. You see, my Secret Santa put this tiny facial cleansing brush inside her gift package for me without saying anything. It was just a brush, nothing so impressive about it. Then, a few months later, my face decided to give me a hard time. I broke out so badly that I had to go back to ProActiv, which I hate. Still, it did not tame the zits or make my skin better. I was desperate and there, I saw that facial brush again.

I wet it, put a tiny bit of face wash on it, and brushed it in circles around my face. After three days, my skin started to behave better. Lotions began to absorb better and the zits decided to go away by themselves. Even the scars seemed to fade faster.

That was before Clarisonic was available for us to buy. And no, this concept of a facial cleansing brush is not new. I've seen brushes like this around for ages. My mom even bought one for me when I was 12 or something and if I remember correctly, this concept came from Japan. Nowadays, if you want to spend $$$ on a Clarisonic, you can. I bet it's wonderful but a manual facial cleansing brush works as well. Dermalogica has one on sale for about $12, Sephora has theirs for $5 or $7 but the cheapest one you can get in the U.S is from Sally Beauty ($1.99 without membership card, $1.79 with the card!) I actually used the one from Sally before and the bristles are so soft and the grip is comfortable.

Needless to say, I'm using this facial brush again and I have to tell you, my skin is in a state of bliss right now. The rough patches around my jawline are gone and I hardly have a zit anymore. Yes, I know this is a manual exfoliator, no more or less, but so does the Clarisonic. The only differences are (a) you don't have to spend so much money, (b) no electricity required, and (c) you may need to move your hand a little bit more, that's all.

If you choose to get one of these facial cleansing brushes, make sure the bristles are soft. Also, during the first few times you use it, go easy on the brushing motions. You don't want to scrub your skin with the same force used while scrubbing the toilet, do you?

Who should use it? Anyone who wants glowing skin. However, those who have sensitive and/or heavily inflamed skin should not use it, as it might worsen your condition(s.)

How about you? Have you tried a facial cleansing brush yet? What do you think about it? Let me know, ok?

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