Friday, December 23, 2011

The Amazing 3W Clinic Lash Building Eyeliner

Hi everyone,

Lately, I've been focusing more on basic makeup items. Gone are the days when I could apply layers after layers of beautiful colors on my eyelids. Now, all I need are a good mascara and a few reliable eyeliners to complete my task.

Believe it or not, the Vietnamese makeup market is friendlier towards skincare. While there are Korean, Japanese, American, and French brands available, the prices for makeup are not that affordable. Since my MAC Fluidline is running low and my ELF black liner is not that awesome anymore, I set out to find a black waterproof eyeliner that has the intensity of Blacktrack without breaking the bank. With a touch of luck, I found 3W Clinic lash building eyeliner when I was browsing for nail polishes.

First of all, I was drawn toward the price since it was the cheapest liquid eyeliner available in that store. As I was about to purchase a different liner, the sales girl opened the tube and told me to take a look at the tip. "Look how skinny it is," she said, "This liner gives the crispest and thinnest line I've ever seen. You should get it."

Look how thin the brush is
I did a comparison with the tip of the pencil and it's even thinner. I know, amazing!
So I did, after doing a few lines on my hand to confirm that it lived up to my standard. As it is not the felt tip pen type, I was a bit weary. I mean, these brush liners are very hard to draw precise lines and they tend to skip or deposit the material unevenly. But not with the 3W liner. It is as crisp as daylight. If I want a thick line, I can put more pressure on the brush. If not, this liner will deposit a nice, thin line.

(L-R): 3W Clinic eyeliner with a lot of pressure and with light pressure, ELF eyeliner, MAC Blacktrack fluidline
 As you can see, the 3W Clinic liner has the intensity en par to Blacktrack. The ELF liner looks dull compared to the other two. However, the advantage the 3W liner has over the other two is the thickness: you can draw a really tiny thin line with the brush while the others cannot. For the last two days, I have been playing with it and I have created the perfect cat-eye liner that we all covet. It is sharp and it totally changes the shape of my eyes.

See what I mean? Angelina Jolie wishes she has this liner.
Although the name of this liner has "lash building" in it, I'm not sure if it can build any lashes since I only use it to line my eyes. The only negative thing I can say about this eyeliner is the durability. It is not built the same way as a Fluidline but so far, I don't have any smudges. It does not last as long on my eyelids without a primer (4 hours without and 6 with primer.) Still, I can't complain. As far as it goes, this is the best liquid eyeliner I've ever tried. I'm glad I bought this eyeliner and I hope to find it once I run out of this bottle I have (which will take a while, knowing how little I need per line.)

So, what do you think about this eyeliner? Have you tried one with a thin brush? Let me know about it, ok?

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