Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post-Christmas Loot

Hi everyone,

Boxing Day was yesterday and I had my intention to blog. When I sat down and revved up my blogging engine (aka Blogger), poof went le internet. For a whole day, we didn't have internet. It was rough, y'all!

Anyways, I've been shopping my heart out lately because (a) it's the holiday season and (b) I need some stuff, mostly shoes. Finding a pair of size 8 shoes in Vietnam is harder than finding gold. I went to many, many shops and tried on hundred pairs of shoes to get only two. Same thing with clothes, although I have better luck with them now that I'm slimming down a little bit.

Talking about losing weight, I had 2 wisdom teeth taken out earlier this month and seriously, for the month of December, all I have been eating was soup and lots of it. Needless to say, my stomach has shrunk and now, a lot of clothes I bought earlier during the year are looser. I'm determined to exercise again to keep the weight off for good and I do believe combining exercise and diet is a good way to go.

Anyways, here are what I got:

I bought this pair a while back (since July, I think) but I never got a chance to showcase it. Lovely shoes with 3 different leather textures (regular, faux croc, and suede.) Haven't even worn them outside yet.
My cutie pair of flats!
This is a habit I gained since my lab days. Beside sneakers, which are neither cute nor dressy, flats are the most comfortable type of shoes I was allowed to wear in the lab since I can only wear close-toe shoes with no heels.
I tried on about a dozen pairs of shoes before finding this one. Literally praised the Lord for getting me to them!
Close-up at the bows
Next stop: Crocs! The most comfortable pair of shoes ever! The heels are so cushy that I feel like walking on marshmallows!
Got this pair for mi madre. She likes it, I think :)
Two nail polishes from Odessa, an eyelash curler from The Face Shop, and 3W Clinic eyeliner (reviewed here.)
This loot was purchased before Christmas, btw
After getting my Odessa nail polishes, I've come to realize OPI is the greatest rip off ever! I mean, at $9 USD a bottle, the OPI is no better than the Odessa. Maybe the color selection is wider but quality-wise, the Odessa is just as good as the OPI. And you know how much the former costs? 60 cents. No kidding whatsoever!

Right now, I'm wearing the hot pink color on my toes and it makes me smile. That obnoxious neon pink nail polish is cheesy as hell but it's also a good mood booster. You can't take yourself too serious when you wear hot pink, right?

Our Buche de Noel from Givral. You can't say you have cake until you try their butter cream toppings (yup, the white, fluffy stuff around the cake.) It's light, fluffy, and not intensely sweet. I wish to have another bite.
Last but not least, meee!

This is how I looked on Christmas Eve.
The ultra-sharp winged liner was done using the 3W liner. Gosh, I can't love it enough!
No foundation and sweating through the pores!
I do look different at various angles :D
I enjoyed my Christmas very much. It's amazing how much has changed since last year. It's been so long since I had Christmas in my own home that I almost forgot how it felt. Now, I can say that it felt good.

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