Friday, June 29, 2012

A Really, Really Red Lipstick Look

Oh, hello there!

It's me, Dao, and I'm posing with my gangster V signs around the eyes :)

It's been a while since I posted a makeup look. The last one was exactly half a year ago. Please forgive me! Yesterday, I was watching the season finale of Desperate Housewives and I thought to myself, "Why don't I do a FOTD?" It just happened that my aunt got me an awesome red lipstick and I wanted to give it a try. I have a bunch of red lipsticks but this one is incredible! I may have to do a review on it some day.

So, how do I look?
Stuff I used, minus 3 brushes
Surprisingly, I didn't use a lot of things here. The red lipstick really brought things together

  • Primer: MAC Bare Study
  • Eyelids: since both colors I used are discontinued, you need a dirty gold pigment and a bronzy gold pigment. Layer the first one on top of the later one using an eye shadow brush. Do not blend!
  • Crease: with a blending brush, apply matte medium brown eye shadow on the crease, then blend it up with a light yellow brown eye shadow. I used MAC Rich Flesh and Ochre Style, both are LE and discontinued (yikes!)
  • Lower lash line: line with the bronzy gold one
  • Liner: MAC Blacktrack on both upper and lower lashes


  • Primer: Mentholatum Acnes Oil Solution
  • Foundation: Yves Rocher Couleurs Nature Comfort Cream Foundation in Rosé 400 Tent Mat
  • Finishing Power: Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Silk in Nude Beige (#2)
  • Concealer: MAC Studio Sculpt NW20
  • Bronzer: Physician's Formula
  • Blush: Neutrogena Healthy Skin blush (discontinued, I think T_T. It's a really nice blush.)
  • Lips: 2B lipstick in Sweet Cherry (#12)
  • Lashes: Shisem. I was too lazy to put on mascara!
Nope, I didn't photoshop myself to look pale. My skin has been so light lately, thanks to all the Japanese skincare products I have been using (Hada Labo face wash and Marie Louise moisturizer/lotion.) Seriously, they are incredible! On top of that, the Yves Rocher foundation makes my skin look nice even when I used a thin layer with a damp sponge. Believe me, I didn't look that ghostly in real life but the foundation has SPF that made my skin look about 2 shades lighter. I should have pumped myself up with more bronzer. Well, we always have next time.

Also, here is one important discovery: if you are a beauty blogger who doesn't have long, luscious lashes, wear some falsies already! Because of my own laziness, I found out not only it took less time to apply false eyelashes, my eyes also look more open this way, too! So from now on, if I post a look, Imma wear some falsies. Call me vain but having a full set of lashes make a huge difference.

Last but not least, here is my very gangster Asian pose:

Kiss kiss!
Bye y'all!
Dao xoxo

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