Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Who Makes the Cutest Samples? Benefit Does!

Hey y'all!

Sooo... I came home after taking my mom to the hospital for an eye surgery (don't worry, Momma MMB is fine!) Upon entering the living room, I saw this cute bag and my mom asked me what was inside.

Me: Some samples, mom.
Mom: From whom?
Me: Benefit.
Mom: Never heard of it *paused* Really? There's a makeup brand called Benefit?

Benefit Cosmetics finally came to Vietnam a few months ago and I'm seriously in love with their Coralista blush. The product packaging is always cute and quirky. On top of that, the products are decent. I received 2 samples of face products in the bag. Since they are not that small, I assume that they are deluxe samples. The Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation has 5 ml of product and That Gal face primer contains 7.5 ml. I'm so glad I got these samples as I've wanted to try Oxygen Wow for ages!

(L-R): a dot of Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow in Believe in Me Ivory and a dot of That Gal
I was very surprised that Believe in Me Ivory matches my skin perfectly. Before, anything with "ivory" in the name screams "too light!" to me. But recently, I've used a few foundations with this word in it and they match! Even an NC 25 foundation is too dark for me now.

With that said, I used a tiny bit of That Gal underneath Oxygen Wow. Since this is the first time I use it and it's also a humid day, I don't think it works that well as a face primer. However, Oxygen Wow is amazing! It is really liquidy and feels like my Sunplay sunscreen on my skin. At first when I applied, it looked a tad lighter but once everything settled down, it was the perfect match!

But that's not it. While it doesn't look like a lot of coverage on my skin, it actually looks really unbelievably good on film. It's like my natural skin but better. I mean, if you don't believe me, just look at this picture:

See what I mean?
Beside That Gal and Oxygen Wow, I used a bit of concealer to hide away my raccoon eyes, a bit of mascara and eyeliner on my eyes and a dab of gloss, that's it! I didn't even bother using blush, highlighter, or contouring powder. Yet, my face looks amazing and I have the glow from within!

Srsly, thank you so much, Benefit, for making this foundation! It does feel very comfortable and for those who have oilier skin, you should use some powder on top. By the way, I just found out that Believe in Me Ivory is the lightest shade and I'm about NC 20 now, which means those who have lighter skin than me is kinda out of luck. I wish Benefit could have some lighter shades, though :(

Also, here's the deed: if you don't have severe raccoon eyes type of dark circles, you can mix a bit of Oxygen Wow with That Gal and apply it like a concealer onto the under eye areas. It immediately illuminates your eyes without you having to use heavy concealers.

Ingredient list for That Gal
Ingredient list for Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow
Ok, that's all for today, folks!

Oh wait, wait! It isn't. Did you notice anything different? And by "anything different", I mean in picture quality?

After a couple of months of intense savings, I finally had enough money to buy my very first D-SLR. After a lot of debates, reading so many many photography blogs and YouTube videos as well as listening to some of my friends who are pro photographers, I finally settled with Canon 600D (T3i in the U.S/Canada, Kiss X5 in Japan.) Since Canon just released 650D, the price of 600D came down a bit. I was in luck as the camera shop near my place had a sale on this particular model on top of the already marked down price. The camera + 18-55mm kit lens +  16GB SDHC card cost me a grand total of 650 bucks!

After bringing it home, I decided to call my new camera Sookie. Every time anybody attempt to touch my camera, I can yell out, "Sookeh is maihn!"

Yup, once a True Blood fan always a True Blood fan.

Sookeh is maihn!

By the way, dear readers, can you do me a favor? Can you let me know if it takes longer to load up my blog? Since the Canon 600D has higher resolutions than my good old G12, I wonder if loading time is going to be a problem.

Thanks, everyone!
Dao xoxo

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