Friday, October 5, 2012

Wanna Try Braologie?

Hi everyone,

Not so long ago, I received an email asking me whether I would want to be a tester for a company that produces and sells unique shape wear that can shape and correct my posture. As a writer, I spend countless hours everyday on a computer. As a result, my back kinda hunches over and sometimes when I'm stressed out, I can see my shoulders inching closer and closer to my ears!

So I took the offer, filled in a questionnaire, took some pictures, and waited. A couple of weeks later, I received an announcement from the post office to go and pick up a package. Upon reading my questionnaire and evaluating the pictures, the kind folks from Braologie sent me a bra, a mini vest, and a long leg panty for me to try. I did and I love these products very much. The bra and mini vest keep my back straight while the long leg panty is a shape wear that lifts up my bum :)

Because I love the products so much, Braologie decided to extend the invitation to 3 of my readers, regardless of where you are in the world. Since this company is yet to launch, they need people to test out products and send them feedback. The process was quick and painless to me and I hope you will sign up for this.

Here's how:

  1. Make sure you are already a follower via Google Friend Connect (box on the right side), email, or Twitter.
  2. In the comment section, write "I want to try Braologie!" and give me your name + email address in the appropriate boxes
  3. Only the first 3 people who replies count. It's a first come, first serve basis so hurry up!
That's it! I hope you'll sign up to try Braologie. Also, please "Like" Braologie on Facebook to learn more tips about lingerie fitting.

Here are a couple of pictures of the products so you can get the idea:

Body suit
Bra and mini vest
Long Leg Body Suit (side view)
Long Leg Body Suit (front view)
That's all for today, kind folks! Please sign up to try Braologie, ok?

With lots of Friday love,
Dao xxoo

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