Wednesday, October 3, 2012

She Loves Black

Hi everyone,

Since I discovered the world of Polyvore, I came to realize two things:

  1. Playing with Polyvore is like playing Fantasy Football but with clothes and makeup
  2. I don't even need to try on the clothes to know if they work as a set
While the first thing is nice, the second thing is very important to me. You see, I'm somewhat of a klutz when it comes to coordinating my own clothes. If it's clean, I'll wear it. Which leads to some mayjah embarrassments sometimes: I would get severely overdressed at a casual gathering or extremely under-dressed (think faded t-shirt and jeans with drops of bleach) at some uber formal events. Either way is not good and since I realized my weakness, I'm doing my best to learn how to dress myself better.

One thing I do know for sure when it comes to clothes: I love black. Very much.

She Loves Black

In college, I had enough black t-shirts and sweaters to last me 2 full weeks. They were made of cotton, lace, and velvet. Later on in grad school, I got a suede coat and I discovered cashmere and hand knit t-shirts. And let me tell you, the combinations of black on black on black are endless. Who said black is boring?

Lately, I've been thinking of simplifying my wardrobe to black and wear the black items to work everyday. But then, this is Saigon, not Baltimore in the deep of winter. Here, black is associate with funerals and it's hard to see people wearing top-to-bottom black. But as a rebellious person, I occasionally wear black on black on black and it's kind of my secret. Those who are close to me know it's my personal style, which I don't tell that often.

For this winter, here are a few basic black items I would like to have. I want the blazers and the dress is to die for! Seriously, when you put everything black together, it's actually quite glamorous. That's why I'm attracted to this color so much and I'm proud to wear black since 2002 :)

Black on Black on Black

How about you? Do you love black as well? Since this is my first (and probably only!) fashion post, I'd appreciate your feedback.

Dao xoxo

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