Friday, October 12, 2012

A Fail-Proof Guide to Natural-Looking Skin

Hi everyone,

Our weekly dose of Polyvore is here! Lately, as I leafed through magazines, blogs, and other beauty medias, all I have seen is beautifully made up skin. Porcelain skin is in and my bet is it's going to stay for a year or two. This skin trend, while looks so simple and easy to do, in fact requires a lot of skills. But fear no more! With the help of Polyvore, I compiled a list of favorite products that will help you achieve the Hollywood skin status in no time. And the catch? We only need 1 brush!

Let's do it!

Fail-Proof Guide to Natural-Looking Skin

1. Prime your face
I'm not even kidding! Face primer is one of the top products that changed my life, makeup-wise, of course! The 3 products I select are (1) L'Oreal Studio Secrets, (2) Bare Minerals Prime Time, and (3) Urban Decay Pore Perfecting primer. These 3 are good and Prime Time is designed for mineral makeup so it's a bonus.

2. Conceal, conceal, conceal!
Srsly, the secret to flawless skin is concealer. I chose Benefit Boi-ing, Chantecaille, and Maybelline Super Stay 24hr concealers. I didn't add Cle de Peau concealer because it's tres expensive but it works really well though. Except for the Chantecaille, I tried them all out, even the Cle de Peau so I can vouch for their goodness.

The trick of blending out concealer is not to use a concealer brush. I've used one since forever and guess what? My face always ended up cakey. But once I switched to MAC 188 brush and voila, cakey no more! Only fresh and wide awake face that looks 10 years younger!

3. Foundation
The 4 I selected from MAC, Shu Uemura, Neutrogena, and Benefit are all good. The MAC Mineralize Satin Finish is the one people use for editorial photos as it has a beautiful and ethereal glow. I'd say you should use it for parties and events at night only. Shu Uemura Face Architect is light and awesome! You don't feel like you are wearing makeup at all! The same with Neutrogena Healthy Skin. Last but not least, Benefit Flawless Oxygen Wow is going to give you that glow without any extra highlighters. It also has vitamins C and E, which is an added bonus.

I also use MAC 188 brush to apply foundation because it can fit into small nooks and crannies. Also, I am lazy and I don't want to wash both MAC 187 and 188 :)

The trick to applying foundation is quite simple: you use the minimal amount of foundation and you blend like mad, that's all! Seriously, you should spend more time blending out foundation and you'll notice the difference. I personally think people tend to apply their liquid foundations way too fast.

4. Powder
There's no doubt that Make Up For Ever HD Powder is the one when it comes to translucent setting powder. And the ELF HD Powder is an exact dupe as they both have micronized mica as the main ingredient.

The trick to use this product without making your face look ghostly is to use a tiny bit of powder on the puff and roll it onto your skin. Using a powder brush is too much for this, btw.

So yeah, there you have it: My Makeup Blog's official guide to natural-looking skin. You do this often and people won't even believe that you have makeup on.

Practice and have fun, you guys!

Dao xoxo

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