Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Frantically Packing

Hi everyone,

The last time I had a trip was back in March. And yup, that was me looking all fine and dandy after some intense mountain climbing. In fact, I think I just came out of a cave inside of a mountain.

All the glows were caused by sweat. No highlighting powder used in this picture!
While this is not the first time I'm swamped with work, this is probably the first time I am swamped with work that paid. Therefore, at this moment, instead of thinking about my upcoming vacation, I'm still deep in work. I even thought of bringing the laptop with me so I could work at night after going around during the daytime. Insanity, I know!

While I really love what I do, my health comes first. I desperately need a mental break. Therefore, the laptop has to stay home. I am bringing the camera and Kindle Fire with me, thank you very much! But there won't be any wi-fi so no tweeting from moi!

And no blogging!

But...but I have so many things I want to blog! T___T

You see what I mean? I'm torn! Torn, I said. Torn!

So there you have it, kittens! I'm doing the best I can and please stay with me. My break won't take long and by the time I come back, we'll be discussing about the Fall/Winter makeup trend, which believe me, is quite surprising!

Ciao, everyone! I hope you'll have a nice week. Please browse the archive and leave some comments. I'll reply to them once I'm back.

Dao xoxo

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