Monday, August 27, 2012

Inside Out Beautification with Skintritious

Hi everyone,

About a month ago, Meg, the wonderful owner of Skintritious contacted me regarding a reviewing opportunity for products from her company. After a little bit of research, I said yes, as Skintritious products are made from natural ingredients and free of preservatives. After a couple of weeks, I received a package with the delectable Orange Blossom Body Scrub and Skin Tea (both can be seen here.) However, during transition, the body scrub was leaked and I lost 1/3 of the products. I shed some bitter tears over it. After all, the body scrub smells awesome and it totally works!

Skintritious Orange Blossom Body Scrub ($13 USD)
The cap with direction, caution, and ingredients
It was soaked with oil, hence the blurry words :(

The body scrub is a mixture of brown sugar with olive oil, vitamin E oil, and minerals with a lovely orange blossom scent. During the transition, the package leaked and I received the jar with a lot less oil than it was supposed to be. Instead of a slushy mix, what I got has a wet sand texture. While that is not a bad thing, I would prefer more yummy scented oil in the mix.

However, it was not Meg's fault as I'm sure the transition from the U.S to Vietnam can be rough. The body scrub is awesome! The first time I used it was on my hands and I have had dry and itchy cuticles for a while now. The scrub not only removes dead skin cells but also replenishes moisture. My hands felt so soft that I braved up and scrubbed my body from the neck down.

Since I had a rough day, the orange blossom scent was heavenly. It picked me up and the oil was enough to keep my body moist. I love how it softened the rough parts on my heels. I came out of the shower not only feeling better about myself but had much, much softer skin as well! My only wish was Meg to come up with a face scrub with the same scent. It would be fabulous!

Skin Tea ($8 USD)

For $8, you get 2 pouches of herb mix made of green tea, spices, and crushed food to use in your steam bath as a facial steamer. As it is an edible product, you can drink it as a tea, too! Since I was aching for some tea, I boiled some water and drank it. The smell was earthy but the taste was not something I am used to. Nevertheless, I drank and went back to work.

The skin tea is a nifty product to try if you are into DIY facials at home. In fact, it is the least perishable product Skintritious carries. Meg chose these two products for me after knowing my skin type. The body scrub can last up to 6 months if you put it in a cool, dry place. I've found out as long as you don't let it sit in the open for too long and has water dripping over it, you are fine. With water and air contact, the sugar granules can lump together but after a quick stir, everything is fine.

Overall, I'm madly in love with Skintritious Orange Blossom Body Scrub. I think it is a wonderful products for those who have dry and flaky skins. Also, since it is packed full of oil, it is a good product to use during the winter months as well. However, it can cause a slippery surface so be very careful when you use it. Personally, I would like to use it for my hands as it keeps them soft and moist. The Skin Tea is a nice product for those who love facials and tea, although I would not advocate drinking it, though. Skintritious has friendly pricing for their handcrafted products and if you don't know what to get and/or want to improve your skin conditions, Meg offers a skincare consultant at $30/half hour. She is, after all, an experienced aesthetician whose clients are stars.

Last but not least, Skintritious ships products to the U.S and Canada only and buyers pay for shipping.

That's all for today, folks! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday!

With love,
Dao xoxo

Disclosure: The reviewer received press samples for reviewing purposes.

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