Friday, July 13, 2012

Four Reasons to Make the Switch to Waxing

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Although many people consider shaving to be the standard method of hair removal, waxing has become much more popular. Check out these four reasons why you should make the switch to waxing today.

1. Shaving leaves skin feeling smooth for only a day or two, and that's if you're lucky. Some people begin to notice re-growth the same day they shave. With waxing, you can expect to be hair-free for three to six weeks. Not only will you experience longer-lasting results with waxing, but when your hair does grow back, it will feel finer. When you wax, you remove the entire hair from the root; shaving merely cuts off the hair at the skin's surface. Because the middle part of the hair, which is the thickest, emerges from the skin first, re-growth from shaving often feels coarser than the hair did originally.

2. Unlike shaving, you can wax virtually any part of your body. Many people prefer to remove facial hair with wax. Since the area is so visible, they don't want to risk getting razor burn or cuts from shaving. Also, as mentioned above, the re-growth is far less noticeable with waxing. You can also use wax to safely and efficiently remove hair from legs, arms, and the bikini area.

3. Waxing doesn't have to break the bank. Although many people view waxing as a luxury salon service, it can actually be more cost effective than shaving. Once you add up the cost of a nice razor, multiple replacement blades, and shaving cream, waxing about once a month may actually be a cheaper option. It also saves you precious time since you don't have to wax daily to achieve a hairless result.

4. For those that lack the time for a salon appointment or simply don't want to have their hair removed by a stranger, waxing at home is a simple, cheap, and easy solution. Apply a numbing cream to the area you're going to wax about an hour prior to waxing to dull the sting. Wax will grip dry hair better than wet, so don't use any lotion prior to waxing. Use baby powder to remove any excess moisture on your skin right before you begin. After applying the wax, be sure to pull it off against the grain of your hair to get the best result. When you're done, exfoliate your skin and apply lotion for a flawless, long-lasting result you'll love.

Author's Biography: Monica Dwyer is an experienced blogger and content writer specializing in the area of health and beauty. She has written this article on behalf of who offer laser hair removal and waxing services in Dublin, Ireland.

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