Monday, July 9, 2012

I Franken-Polished It!

Hi everyone,

For a while, I have wanted this really light pink nail polish with the texture between a gel and a cream. I searched high and low but could not find it. One was too light, the other too sheer. One was too creamy, the other looked too chalky. It was to a point that I felt like giving up. Why should I try something that doesn't exist, right?

But the thing is, I'm a DIY person. If I can't find something, I'll make it myself. Having mixed some really weird (and intriguing) colors before, I was confident that I could get the color I want by mixing nail polishes together.

I got a silver nail polish with a touch of grey just for fun. I used it once and found out it was not a good color for me. As it was the only white nail polish I could dispose, I decided to mix my obnoxiously pink nail polish with it to see what would come out.

And here's the result:

Tada! The franken-polish!
 It's not exactly what I wanted. The blue in the original white nail polish threw it off. However, what I got is a really beautiful soft lavender nail polish. I saw Britney Spears wore something similar a while ago so this is on trend.

Franken-P and his mama, Lady Obnoxiously Pink
 I mixed 4 drops of Obnoxiously Pink with the entire bottle of the original silver white with a twist. I really shook the bottle up and down. Since the two brands have different formulas, the dispersion rates are not the same. I mixed, rolled, shook, and shook some more to ensure the pink shade was mixed evenly. There's nothing worse than painting your nails with random speckles of colors coming out unmixed.

I took a risk to mix the Odessa with the Nghia O'Beauty and I'm glad it was not a disaster. I tried to do something similar by mixing a mineral-base nail polish with a regular one. As the solvents are different, the two did not mix but they created lumps: the mineral-base np covered themselves around the regular one, resulting in unpaintable bead-like structures that stick to the brush. So lesson learned: if you want to franken-polish your nail colors, please make sure they are of the same kind.

My painted fingers
I currently use this Franken-P on my toes. The shade is so beautiful and it looks so feminine on my toe nails. Strangely, I have no urge to wear dark colors lately. I have enjoyed feminine pastels. But don't worry, as soon as they get pinker and more bridal shower-ish, I would back away. I still can't wear ye ole regular pinks at all!

And life goes on...

Last Saturday marked my 31st birthday. I can no longer call myself a young-un anymore. With a job and published articles and stuff, I feel like an old and responsible adult. Unlike the other years, this year's celebration is smaller (but with lots of food!) I didn't get as many presents but it was still fun.

Last year, I promised to myself that my life was going to be better and that I would be healthier. I did a good job to keep those promises. Looking back, I am surprised at what have improved within a year. I have realized how much I have grown and I am thankful for that.

Another thing: last year, I came very close to shutting down the blog for good a couple of times. This year, so far I don't have such impulses. Life has been good and I am thankful to still have this blog and such a wonderful readership to go with it. And by the way, My Makeup Blog turned 4 on June 30th. I could not imagine MMB to go this far when I started it. I mean, look at all the supports that I have from you guys. This is fantastic!

So thank you all for your supports and love you have been pouring into me and my blog for all these years. And here are some food pictures to satiate your thirst:

Food from the central part of Vietnam
We were so busy eating that this was the only picture I had of the food that day
Me blowing the candles
Look at all the food on the table. We ate, we really, really ate!
If you don't trust me, look at my brother's tummy on the right side of the picture :)
That's all for now. Hope you are having a nice day!

Dao xoxo

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