Monday, July 16, 2012

Shu Uemura in Saigon!

Hi everyone,

Well, technically Saigon is called "Ho Chi Minh City" now but seriously, outside of Vietnam, how many people would call the Capital of the South by that name? Putting my personal pet peeves aside, I tweeted about interviewing someone last Friday. One thing led to another and I found myself standing at the newly opened Shu Uemura counter at Diamond Plaza, one of the poshest shopping centers in Saigon.

I have been a fan of Shu Uemura for a while, especially with its legendary eyelash curler and blushes. After the company pulled out of Sephora, it has been hard to find their products unless you resolve to purchasing them online. I almost broke down and bought a Shu curler during my last trip to China because I was oh so afraid to find a replacement. But fear no more, the Shu counter is not far from my place and the price is comparable to that in the U.S.

I took a couple of pictures of the counter. The address of Diamond Plaza is down below. In case you guys travel to Saigon and want to visit the Shu counter, at least you know where to go :)

A makeup artist's train case full of Shu products
I love, love, love the pretty display. It's so pink!
Another view at the skincare part of the Shu counter. Look at all of those cleansing oil bottles at the back!
There's a different counter. This one is for makeup products
They had a wall full of lashes. I was on cloud 9!
A small part of the makeup artist station. Look at all of those customizable palettes!
I want one. No, I want all!
Diamond Plaza (first floor)
34 Le Duan Street, District 1 , Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam.

By the way, Diamond Plaza probably has almost all of the luxurious beauty brands in the world. I found a Clé de Peau counter there. Also, there's a Salvatore Ferragamo store and a Chanel counter as well. It's a fascinating place to visit.

That's all for now. I have more Shu Uemura makeup stories to tell but they are going to be for another day.

Dao xoxo

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