Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Time to Switch Facial Cleanser: Hazeline Clear White

Hi everyone,

Lately, the weather in my 'hood has been scorching hot. In Saigon, when the heat comes, it comes with vengeance. The nice weather forecast lady predicted the heat is going to continue until mid-April and can get up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Not cool, weather, not cool!

As a result of the heat, I have developed some sort of bumps on my forehead that did not exist when the weather was oh, about 2 degrees cooler. Regardless of how much I clean my face with black Pond's and the facial cleansing brush, the bumps did not seem to go away. Out of desperation, I decided to try something different: Hazeline Clear White facial cleanser.

Hazeline Clear White facial cleanser with turmeric extract and jojoba oil to prevent pimples and whiten skin
 Now, I have come to believe that in order for a skincare product to sell well in Asia, the word "whiten" has to appear somewhere in the label. Believe me, this cleanser does not whiten my face at all. However, as it contains turmeric extract, it manages to calm down the bumps significantly. Also, it has a stronger oil prevention property than the black Pond's (James Pond's, haha!)

How it looks like
This cleanser has some fine micro-beads in it, btw
Ingredient list
This is the cheapest facial wash I've ever used. However, you can't use the price tag to predict the quality as it is a decent face wash. For a dollar, I have nothing to complain about it, except that it can be quite drying in the winter. Which makes it a perfect cleanser during summer. It does contain jojoba esters and turmeric extract, although I believe the zit-zapping power has to do with the presence of salicylic acid. Also, it does have niacinamide, which is a safe skin brightening agent but as it is further into the list, I don't think it can do much to the skin. Also, I've noticed the lack of sulfate in this face wash as well as the other one that I have. Which means Unilever did listen to their consumers and reformulated their skincare products for the better.

Hazeline Clear White face wash cleanses my face really well. If I use too much, my skin will have that squeaky clean sound after washing with water. It does have a mild floral scent and my skin does feel comfortable afterwards. And did I tell you about the oil control property? It does control oil pretty well. If I wash my face in the morning, I would not feel oily until around high noon.

Also, a tube does last me a long time. I bought it last summer and still have about 1/5 of it to go. Would I buy it again? Of course! It's fabulous and cheap, although I can use it during the summer only.

That's all for now, folks! I hope you have a lovely day.

Dao xoxo

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