Monday, March 12, 2012

Wishing You Were Here

Nah, this post should be titled "Wishing I Was Still There." This picture was seriously beautiful and I had a nice weekend on the road. We went to Ha Tien, a beautiful and peaceful place by the sea in the Southern part of my country. It was a butt numbing ride to get there and back. But it was so worth it as I was surrounded by the most gentle people I have ever met. On top of that, every where I went, I saw beauty. Simple, elegant, natural undisturbed beauty. The kind that is hard to find these days when all the construction sites are sprouting like mushrooms over the rain.

While I take a lot of pictures of myself, I don't get people to take my pictures. If you want to see who you really look like, have someone take your picture. It shows who you are. The mirror can lie, the scale does not tell you the whole story but the picture does. I look a lot better in this picture than I did before. My face and arms are slimmer. The clothes I wore that day were looser, too. And you want to know why.

Well, if you followed my Twitter, you already knew that I started P90X last week. It was an unplanned decision as I wanted to finish level 2 of Hip Hop Abs before getting into P90X. However, I kept on getting knee injuries that made it hard for me to work out. As I watched and did a couple of P90X DVDs before, I noticed this series has more earth bound exercises than Hip Hop Abs level 2. Therefore, out of a whim, I decided to give P90X a try for a week. If I could handle it, I would do the whole 90 days.

Guess what? I love it! P90X is challenging but it is doable. After each workout, my body was hurting in some strange and indescribable ways. However, as I have different exercises each day, the pain is never in the same place. This is the main reason that P90X is so attractive to me. I sweat bucket after each and every single workout, except for Yoga-X where I mopped the floor, soaked the mat, and bathed myself in my own sweat. It was disgusting and exciting at the same time :)

After only a week, I notice results already. Not only do I feel stronger, I also look better and have a picture to prove. However, the down fall is I can hardly do anything after I exercise. All I could think about was the pain and how to eliminate it. Lucky me, a good night sleep is all I need as I feel less sore the next day.

Right now, I feel a little bit sluggish. Two days sitting straight was not fun. On top of that, I didn't get enough sleep but I managed to exercise anyways. It was tough!

Anyhoo, I hope you are having a nice week ahead.

Dao xoxo

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