Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Not Another Odessa Nail Polish!

Dear Fearless Readers,

I can hear you screaming from afar, "Enough with the Odessa nail polishes already! Stop taunting us with your Vietnamese goodies! You know we can't get it!"

Yeah girls, I know, I know. But it is so good that I would feel ashamed if I don't share. You see, this Odessa nail polish here is the best:

I think it's shade number 2 in the silver capped Odessa nail polish series.
Personally, I call it "Lady Grey"
Lady Grey is a cream nail polish with high shine. This is the second time I wear it and like the other Odessa nps, it is durable.
Close up at the nails
Please forgive my goops. It's hard to pain dark colors without leaving something around the cuticles :(
Since I take it in the shade, this nail polish looks grey. However, when the sun shines on it, I can see a hint of purple. Subtle but quite amazing if you ask me.

I'm afraid I have to cut it short today. My internet has been acting weird for the last few days. I don't want it to conk out right at the moment I press publish.

Have a lovely day, my beauties!
Dao xoxo

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