Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fun with Bokeh

Hi everyone,

One of the things I like to do is taking pictures. Since I bought my Canon G12, it has been easier to take better quality photos. Better pictures means less time spent on editing them. And believe me, sometimes you wish the pictures would come out the way you want since editing can only do so much.

I always love bokeh but it was quite hard to do with my old camera. If you are not familiar with the term, bokeh is a photography technique where the objects closer to you are in focus while the ones far away are blurred. This technique gives depth to the picture and previously, I thought only D-SLRs can do it. But regular point and shoots can, too.

It is not a difficult technique: you put your camera in manual mode, lower your F-stop to the lowest level possible (mine only goes to F 2.8 but other cameras can go all the way down to 2.0.) Then, you adjust your aperture value to get the lightning you want. After that, it's all aim, focus, shoot for you.

Here are some pictures I took with my camera:

 In these two pictures, the nail polish bottles are blurry while my nails had more focus: bokeh!

No matter what they say, this is not bokeh. Regardless, it's still a fun effect.

But this one is. I moved my camera a little bit further away and focus it on my hand. A tiny bit up and the focus would be on the nail polish bottle to create a photo similar from the one above.

A couple of years ago, I got my first bokeh photo. It was a lot of fun. I guess I went through a bazillion settings to get it and it was a little bit blurry. I've read a lot of books and blogs about photography but it seems like they speak a language that's not English when discussing the subject matter. If you guys know any websites that teaches photography in plain English, please let me know.

Take care,
Dao xoxo

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