Monday, December 8, 2008

Budget Makeup Gift Sets at $25 and Below

Happy Monday, my lovelies! Today is going to be very busy for me so I am going to have a mad-dash blog entry and leave it that way, instead of writing in my familiar style. I think after a month of NaNoWriMo, my writing style has changed a bit, don't you think?

Since it is Monday and we are in the second week of December, I guess some of us need to think about Christmas gifts a little bit. I've been scouring the web for you and found some couple of gift sets that are $25 USD and below. These gifts are cute and does not really cost you a fortune.

Gift set #1: Burt's Bees Super Shiny Lip Gloss ($14.99 USD)

Image courtesy of Target

Burt's Bees and I go waaaay back when I was an undergraduate student. My college campus's bookstore has a Burt's Bees display and I was really tempted to get myself some products when I went there to purchase textbooks. Then one day I did purchase one product and really loved it. The lip balms, which are made from beeswax, are really moisturizing without the harmful ingredients. Burt's Bees always have a soft spot in my heart and the products are always really cute.

The lip gloss set is $14.99 USD and can be found at Target. I think it is suitable as a gift for your health conscious girl friends or your younger sister who is wandering into makeup. With that price tag, it's the equivalent of almost getting two free lip glosses as one Burt's Bees shiny lip gloss is priced at $6.99 USD.

Gift set #2: Too Faced To Go 2 Pocket Palette ($19.50 USD)

Image courtesy of Sephora

This gift set contains 8 eye shadows, 4 lip glosses, and a blush. With my experience with the Quickie Chronicle booklet, I really like the texture of the lip glosses and blush. The eyeshadow colors are really lovely and wearable. At $19.50, I think this set is perfect for your glamorous colleague, BFF, or older sister.

Gift set #3: CARGO Holiday Nights Collection ($25 USD)

Image courtesy of Sephora

This set has my name written all over it! Seriously ladies, this is the set that I so want to get! However, I have similar colors in my stash so I decided not to (but if you gift it to me, I can't say no, can I?) This set has 4 eyeshadows, one beautiful pink blush, a full-size silver eyeliner, and a body glitter pencil. The cover is removable to be used as a clutch or a jewel box. At $25 USD, this is the perfect gift for the ones who love smokey eyes (and for me!)

Bonus set: Sephora Beauty Fever Palette. I reviewed this palette before and it's a perfect gift for your jet-setting girlfriend. It's small enough to tote around and has all the essentials that you need. At $20 USD, it can make someone (and your wallet) happy!

Right now, if you order from Sephora, you can use code SHOPNOW for free shipping with every order (the code ends at midnight, so hurry up!). If you buy more than $50 USD, shipping is always free and you can use code WINKORKISS for a free pair of lashes or a mini lipstick. This code expires some time in January but Sephora has limited supply.

That's all for today, ladies! I hope you are going to have a wonderful week ahead. Take care and be joyful!

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