Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sephora Beauty Fever Palette: the "Home Away from Home" Kit

I have to admit that I love makeup palettes very much. This love stemmed from a tender age of 5 or 6 when my mom brought home an eyeshadow palette for herself. I remembered being mesmerized by all the colors and dreamed of the day when I could have one for myself. My cousins and I used to take her palette and applied makeup on ourselves, more of them doing it to me as I was the youngest.

Fast forward to 2008 and many palettes later that I owned, I still can't shake off the longing of the perfect makeup palette with eye shadows, blushes, and lip colors. While the market for good single-item makeup is huge, the number of good makeup palettes is small. I've heard about Sephora makeup palette for a while but was chicken out intimidated by the website so I didn't order. On top of that, my apprehension of color palettes is also huge as many of them out there are simple space wasters since they are chalky and lack pigments.

The Sephora palettes really changes my palate as it is compact yet choke full of wonderful colors. If I had to be out of the house for a month and can only bring one makeup item with me besides my foundation, the Sephora Beauty Fever palette is the one.

Here is how it looks upclose and personal

For comparison purpose, I placed it next to Shakira's CD
Although it is smaller than your typical CD case, this palette is 2 times thicker

First layer: 12 eyeshadows and 2 blushes

Here's how it looks when totally opened
3 layers of 12 eye shadows, 2 blushes, 7 lip colors, contouring powders, mascara, and applicators

Swatches of the eye shadows and blush on the left panel
This palette has the best purples I've ever seen!

Colors on the right panel
I think I miss one color, argh!

Les lip rouge, 7 of 'em!

Contouring colors
Somehow Blogger decided to turn my picture side way!
Another argh!

My take on this palette is: it's a good one! It's a good palette for travel, even when you're away from home for months. If you have an eyeliner brush, you don't need to bring your eyeliner with you as well. Also, I think it's a great gift for your younger sisters, friends, and whoever new to makeup and want to learn the blending techniques. The colors are soft and powdery enough for blending yet pigmented enough to show on your face.

The eye shadows are pigmented and soft, therefore good for blending. I was afraid it would be chalky but it's quite silky in my opinion. It has shimmering, and matte colors. The shimmers are not too glittery but really mature sorts. I love the purples! There are 4 of them in there and they go well together. Most purples usually gives me the black eye, just being punched look but these guys are just cute. There are enough neutral colors to keep you moving, a black eyeshadow for those who love smokey eyes and a green one for the jewel-tone lovers. No blues, what a bummer! If you want blues, the Sephora Classic Blockbuster palette is for you. It's bigger, badder, and about $28 USD more!

The lip colors are pigmented but the white one (on the left panel) is not necessary. The blushes are quite pigmented. Since I'm a medium skin tone girl, the darker blush is fine for me. It's a rosy color and quite cute. The other one is light bubblegum pink which does not show on my cheeks as it's too light for me. Contouring colors are ok but not so fab. The bronzer is not glittery so it's good as a contouring powder. The highlighting powder, on the other hand, is not all that as it lacks the shimmer needed in its sort. The little mascara I have no comment since I haven't used it yet.

The little things they called applicators are the ones that I loath. They're just wasting space since they're too tiny and too stiff to use anyways. Sephora should just ditch them and add, I don't know, 2 or 3 more colors in their space. Moreover, what does a palette do without a mirror? I want a mirror, Sephora!

My rating: A, could have been A+ if they ditched the applicators, give me a mirror and some blue eyeshadows!

Price: $20 USD at Sephora.com (to put in perspective, that's 50 cents more than a MAC pigment!)

I *heart* this palette but did not find enough information about it online. If any of you want to purchase it, I will say "Go ahead! It's worth your money!"

Take care y'all and be gorgeous!
Your Makeup Blogger

P.S: What's up with you guys? No love for me? Where are all my comments? Come on! Gimme gimme some comments, will ya?


  1. I like palettes too, but not those who mix lippies and blush together with the eyeshadows.

  2. Hi Ildergreien,

    I think Sephora also has some eyeshadow-only palettes. I bought this one out of convenience because it has everything. Thanks for coming back!

  3. ooh that's a great looking palette! i like the colors! =) where can i get it apart from online? i was thinking of updating my eye shadow range... =D

    when you say you're in seven hills, the sunshine state - that means you're in brisbane right? =) cools!

  4. Hi Estellar,

    You can also get it at Sephora stores. Do you have Sephora in Australia?

    Ah, I don't know Brisbane is also called "The Sunshine State". I'm in the U.S and it's the code for Florida :D And Seven Hills is a code for something else :) Floridians like to nickname everything!

  5. haha! that's funny... cuz there's a seven hills suburb in queensland, which coincidentally is nicknamed "the sunshine state" too! i thought you were closer to home but oh wells. i still love your blog!

  6. Hi Estellar,

    Now I know Queensland is also called "Sunshine State". I have some friends in Australia who live in Melbourne. I really want to visit Aussie one day.

  7. why does the black appear dark blue in the sephora pic of the same product? The colors all look a bit different, but the black and blue is so way off from each other.

  8. Hi Anonymous,

    I'm sorry but I don't get you question. In what picture I took did you refer to? Please enlighten me.

    There is no blue eyeshadow in this palette. The one you think is dark blue is indeed black. Maybe Sephora changed their eyeshadow color configuration on the new set, I don't know but in mine, there's no dark blue.

    The lighting may have an effect on the accuracy of the colors and I tried my best to capture them but colors may show up differently in different computer screens.

  9. Hi, have you seen the Sephora pic? Doesn't the black really look like dark blue? I was referring to the pics in this blog past and the one that you linked to.

  10. Hi Anonymous,

    I can assure you the one you see as "dark blue" in Sephora website is indeed a black eyeshadow. Why it shows up as dark blue in Sephora is something I don't know and have no control over, I hope you understand. This blog entry was written before Sephora included the reviews and Q&A section. I'm striving my best to deliver the most accurate color swatches as possible. My swatches were taken without flash in natural lightning situation.

    Thank you for commenting. Next time can you please leave your name? I'd love that better than to refer to you as "Anonymous" :D

  11. What a cute palette, the colors are great!

  12. Hi Fabulous,

    It is a very lovely palette, I'm glad to buy it last year. I don't know if Sephora is still selling it though.


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