Friday, September 21, 2012

Stock 'Em Up!

Hi everyone,

In my last post, I told y'all that I ran out of eyelash glue. Yup, totally ran out, not a drop was given on that particular night when I needed lash glues the most. Only those who have been in the same boat can empathize me. But really, of all the makeup woes I have faced, this was the worst.

But fear no moar, boys and girls! The next day, I hit the street hard to hunt for some eyelash glues. And not only me got glue, me also got lashes \0/

The sales girl suggested me to try Marie Beauty Fashion Eye Cream, which is a creamy eyelash glue. Then, I was lemming over their vast selection of false eyelashes and decided to buy a box of MODEL 21 #35 falsies.

This eyelash glue is pretty nifty because it has a brush. If y'all watch Michelle Phan's YouTube channel, you know she also likes this kind of glue. It's an Asian kind of thing and it makes the glue application a whole lot easier.

It also comes with a stick to push the lashes into the lash line. It's pretty nifty and so far, I like the whole getup. The glue is actually decent and waterproof as well. On top of that, it's affordable and I'm happy to find something new.

And here are some pictures of MODEL 21 false lashes in #35. It's a Korean brand that's manufactured in Vietnam. Hence, the price is really cheap. In fact, a pair of falsies at Daiso costs more than this set of 10 pairs of falsies here.

Here's a close-up at the lashes.

I guess the reason it's cheap is because of the packaging. The lashes are stuck into a piece of cardboard by two double-sided tapes. There were no eyelash shapers at all. However, the quality of these lashes are phenomenal. They don't feel heavy at all! In fact, they feel a lot more comfortable than the pair of Ardell lashes I own. The comfort factor is en par with the Shisem lashes I have. So yup, I scored!

Then, I had to go crazy and double up them lashes like Oprah did. While it makes my lashes look longer, it also is a bit too long for my eyes. I may have to do some cuttings on these bad boys.

Double up lashes on top, regular #35 lashes at the bottom.
Did you notice the crazy volume it has after doubling up them lashes?
Yup, this is insane! I'm so happy to own these bad boys. I'll probably end up doing a giveaway some time this year and you'll bet that I'll throw in a 10-pack of false eyelashes. Seriously, that store has such a wide variety of lashes that I'm so tempted to sample them all.

That's all, folks! I hope you'll have a nice weekend!

Dao xoxo

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