Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Freestyle Eyeliners

Hi everyone,

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Lately, I have developed a habit to experiment with my makeup at around the midnight mark. The latest session was rather fun as I got to play with my liquid eyeliner. On the left side (your right), I did a geometric eyeliner and the right side (your left), I did a twin tail liner with a twist. I kept the rest of the face simple.

Also, did you notice a difference on my skin? In the first picture, I only patted a layer of powder, which evidently did not give enough coverage whatsoever. So, I had to apply a bit of mineral foundation and retook the pictures. Et voila! The second batch came out a whole lot better!

And guess what happened during this experimental time? I ran out of eyelash glue!

I was planning to stick a pair of lashes on my eyes but alas, the eyelash glues I had were either dry or runny! I had to throw them away and use multiple layers of mascara on my eyes. But surprisingly, the lack of false lashes worked well for this look (haha!) By not having a lash line full of falsies, the focus is on the awesome eyeliners, not on the false eyelashes.

The next day, I went out and stock up on eyelash glue and falsies, which I am going to show you guys preeeety soon!

Ciao bellas,
Dao xoxo

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