Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Beauty Blender Dupe, Maybe?

Hi everybody,

Recently, I went to my favorite nail place to look for an oyster white nail polish. Although I could not find one, I ended up getting a makeup sponge that looks like a Beauty Blender and a glass nail file. Since I was low on cash, they were the only things I got but happiness can come in small dosage, right?

The beauty blender dupe I found cost me around $2.25 USD
 For a while, I have been curious of the Beauty Blender. It's one of those egg shape sponges that you can use instead of makeup brushes to apply foundation on your face. The only thing that stopped me from getting it was the price: the Beauty Blender costs around $20 and for that price, I can get a decent foundation, stippling brush, and powder brush from E.L.F with some change dangling in my hand.

But I was curious of how well it would work. Since I have been using brushes for so long, applying anything on my face with a sponge has become a novel concept to me. So I bought the Beauty Blender dupe, fully knowing it is not the real deal. It is made of latex and shaped like a gourd but for an all-in-one face applicator, I had to give it a try.

In the pictures below, I applied mineral foundation, concealer, face powder, blush, bronzer, and highlighter with only one tool: the Beauty Blender dupe.

Me with the BB dupe in incandescent light without flash
Same condition but with flash
So what do you think? It works, yeah? The whole application process was fast. I used the pointy part to apply foundation, then used the flat end to pound it on my face to ensure adherence. Then, I used the same pointy end to apply concealer under my eyes, then contour my face and nose before applying blush and highlight. Afterwards, I used the flat end to apply powder. The whole process took me less than 10 minutes and I'm glad I did not have to switch tools in between steps.

However, the biggest pain was how much mineral foundation it ate up. The amount that I used to get a thin and naturally looking layer in those pictures could be used to apply two layers for a full coverage if I used my ELF powder brush. Since I don't use liquid foundation, I don't know how much it will eat up but I suspect it is not a small amount, either. Therefore, I suggest to dampen the sponge before using foundation with it.

Overall, I enjoy this Beauty Blender dupe very much. I know it is not a real deal but it works well for me. Also, the curve in the middle gives me a better grip. I guess it is a nice tool to bring in case I go on vacation. Instead of bringing 3 or 4 face brushes, I only need this one. However, it takes a whole day to dry so I may end up buying another one just in case.

On the other note...

The Laptop Strikes Again!

My laptop was being a pain and it has been cutting me off right when I needed it most. Since I'm making a living from writing, this has been particularly hard as I know I need a replacement laptop instead of a quick fix on this one. Nevertheless, the day is coming soon and I have an eye on Asus (the regular one, not Zen book which I want but costs as much as a MacBook Air!)

I'm a P90X Grad!!!

Yup, last Saturday was the last day I did P90X. I felt exhilarate and sad at the same time. In one hand, I finally completed one of the toughest workouts ever produced. But on the other side, I was sad that it was over. P90X is a lot of fun and I am going to do another round starting in July.

Right now, I am doing Brazil Butt Lift and it has been kicking my behind! During the last 10 minutes of yesterday's work out, my legs were quivering under me. I had to stop the DVD several times in order to catch some breathes. I thought P90X was tough but this one is even tougher! I'm glad I chose to do BBL as I know my lower body is not that strong.

That's all for now. I hope you are having a good day!

Dao xoxo

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