Monday, April 16, 2012

My Inner Martha Stewart Unleashed

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a lovely weekend. Mine was kinda crazy the moment I took a look around my room and realized how messy it was. Stuff were piling on top of my desk, the night stand, and the vanity table. Yikes! I have assignments to do and I could not work in that condition. The mess blocked my qi. After analyzing the situation, I came to a conclusion that my makeup needed some sort of division. The cookie tins don't cut it anymore. I had a hard time finding things from them. I needed a centralize unit.

I decided right then and there that I would put the things I use frequently on the vanity table while the rest of the stuff is systematically stored in the drawer. I found a wooden tray that was small enough to fit the area near the wall and after sorting things out, I came up with a pile! I thought hard and fast and finally decided to use EnKore's lipstick organizer method to construct boxes with dividers. I didn't realize he already made something for the compacts when I did the measuring and cutting. I just winged it myself. All was well, back-breaking well, and now I have a much, much more organized environment within my vanity table.

Here are some pictures. My inner Martha Stewart is awesome but if you ask me, I would prefer someone to do it. This is some really meticulous work that I don't wish to do again anytime soon!

All the essential things I use are on the table. It's amazing how 2 organizer boxes can make everything look nicer.
Before, it was just a pile laying at that exact corner but spread through 1/3 of the table
Aerial view
I reused a wine box and made dividers for my eye shadows, palettes, lipsticks, pigments, and even false lashes
Lipsticks, cream blushes, falsies, and blush pigments
Eye shadow and eyeshadow palettes
Paint pots, pigments, and mineral makeup
The whole drawer with other stuff.
Before, it was full to the rim and I had a hard time pulling it out. Now, everything is fine!
A much neater vanity table
After I finished putting things together in my room, I felt like I could breath better. Moreover, the makeup now belongs to a system where I can find easily. While I hope to have more makeup, expanding and archiving them is not fun. Right now, space in the storage system is as expensive as Manhattan real estate.

That's all for today, folks! Have you unleashed your inner Martha recently?

Dao xoxo

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