Friday, April 20, 2012


Hi everyone,

Lately, I have been busy writing left and right. I have nothing to complain here as all my blogging life I have living up for this moment: the moment to be published in a magazine. I guess it is legitimate to say it is every blogger's dream to graduate to the big league. I was lucky enough to have my articles in three different magazines this month: two in paper and one online.

One funny thing when I thought about all this: when I started this blog, I did not tell anybody. It was a way for me to let go of my own frustration about the lack of progress at grad school. Gradually, a couple of friends knew and then a couple of faculty members. It was not a big deal but a lot of them thought I should quit this and concentrate on my research, etc, etc. Little did they know of the real reason why this blog existed and I kept it up as much as I could until now.

And then, bam! Dao got published! Had I listen to what people said back then, this would not have happened now. So, the morality of this story is to listen to your heart and follow your dream. It may take a while but you'll get there. In the mean time, you need to enjoy the journey and be thankful about it.

Ok, now that I'm done with the moral lesson of the day, here are some snap shots of my published articles. They are in Vietnamese so please bear with me :)

 First of, we have Saigon Tiep Thi ("Saigon Marketing" in English, I guess.) They have the tri-weekly newspapers and then the monthly issue which is more about beauty, fashion, and entertainment. I was commissioned to write 1 article, which then turned into 2. I submitted it and didn't hear about it for weeks until I was told that both of them got published in the same issue!

 First article is about olive oil. It's actually a translation to Vietnamese of this article that I wrote for the blog a while ago.

Second article is about green beauty and why you need to read the ingredient list. It was more technical than the first and took a lot longer to write. I was surprised that it actually got a 2-page spread, which is really awesome!

Then, we have Bep Gia Dinh ("Family Kitchen.") This magazine is going to become "Woman's Day" next year as they are in the process of buying the rights (at least that's what I heard from their people.) I wrote 1 article, didn't hear anything, and then went to the newsstand to see it in the newest issue. Right then and there, I had to buy the magazine to show to my folks :D

It's about sunscreen, a topic I'm passionate about since I started writing about makeup and beauty. Like the one about reading ingredient list, this one is also technical and I was so afraid that the audience might tune out. Luckily, the editor did a good job to edit it and made it look even more awesome.

Last but not least, this came today: I made my first appearance at! I was asked to write about beauty innovations and I decided to write about hot makeup products that have make huge buzzes lately. The article is here and Stephanie was kind enough to point out that you can use Google Translate to read it in case you don't know Vietnamese. Thanks, Steph!

There you have it, my published articles. I still have a couple more to write for the month and they are a lot of fun. Just believe in your dream and work hard on it, it will pay off in the end, trust me ;)

Dao xoxo

P.S: Can I have some blog following and  subscription love, please?


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