Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Three Incredible Eye Brushes from E.L.F

Hi everyone,

I ain't gonna lie: I love makeup brushes. In return, they love me. Magically, they have found their ways to my home and sometimes, the ones that cost me the least money seem to work better. Since I discovered E.L.F brushes, a few of them managed to impress me enough to make me venture out to new ones. The three brushes I am about to show you are my E.L.F eye brush trifecta to complement my $1 eye shadow brush. The cost? $5, even less for moi since I bought them during sales.

My three favorite eye brushes: (top-bottom) E.L.F contour brush (from the Studio line, $3), defining eye brush, and blending eye brush (both from the regular Professional line, $1 each)
 First of all, the E.L.F Contour Brush:

Since it is from the Studio line, the handle is black and longer. It probably works better with those who have big hands. To me, this handle is just a tad too long.

Since I thought it was a dupe of MAC 219, I bought it. However, this one is a lot softer and rounder than the 219. Definitely not a dupe. However, I have come to like it in an unexpected way: since it is soft, I can slightly blend the color from the outer-v. Also, blending the harsh line in the cutting the crease technique is breezy with this one. To be honest, MAC 219 pencil brush is fantastic to place color on the lower lash line but using it for other purposes is quite painful since the bristles are so stiff.

Secondly, E.L.F Professional Blending Eye Brush:

I bought two of these: one for me, one for my BFF. Neither of them have the same shape and I have to say, the quality control in the regular line is quite lacking. My brush had unevenly cut bristles and I had to do the trimming myself. The one I gave to my BFF, however, was a perfect brush.

This is a superb blending brush for those with smaller eyelids (like mine.) Bigger brushes take up the space and tend to overblend. Since this one has a more compact head, blending is quite easy and concentrated. The bristles are really soft, which makes blending a joy as well. Of the three, this is the shortest brush but the length is comfortable to me.

Last but not least, E.L.F Professional Defining Eye Brush

At first, I thought it was a dupe of MAC 275, the medium angled shading brush. However, it is a lot smaller and thinner than the 275, probably 2/3 to half the size and thickness of the 275.

With that said, it is not a bad brush. I use it to shape and clean up my outer-v area and it works well for that purpose. Blending is something this brush cannot do as it does not have the required thickness for that purpose.

Please don't let the price fool you. These are some reliable brushes that do not make you break the bank. Also, the bristles are soft and I have been using them for more than a year without seeing any hair falling out of the ferrule. On top of that, I just love they way E.L.F engraving the names of the brushes on their handles. So convenient, especially when I am on the crunch.

Seriously, if you have small monolid eyes like mine, these brushes are your life-savers. They are small enough to fit the curves of my eyes, as if they were made for me! These are incredible value brushes that I hope you will enjoy as well. (Pss, buy them when ELF has a sale. You'll save even more!)

With love from your brush loving friend,
Dao xoxo

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