Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Surprised Benefit of Using the Stairs

Hi everyone,

Sometimes, I feel bad for my derriere. I blame it on J.Lo and Beyonce to start the bootylicious trend. When it comes to the butt, either you are bountiful or you are not. Workouts can help but it can take forever to see any increment in size.

Although I want my sexy back to look like Beyonce's, it doesn't. Despite the numerous squats and leg lifts and Pilates butt workouts I have done, le derriere just refuses to bloom. Yes, after a nice session of Pilates, my butt can get really sore but that's about it. I did not see the result that I want.

But then, things happened. The other day, I found myself grabbing my own butt and tada! The things that were not there a few months ago are there now. I took a side-way glance and it did look like the butt decided to grow after all.

Is this because of all the squats/Pilates/leg lifts that I did?

Probably and probably not. I know I did them but they were not enough to have such a huge difference. It's like blooming from a AA cup to a B overnight. Not a dramatic change but I definitely notice a difference.

I thought long and hard about this change and it occurred to me that I did indeed work my butt out quite strenuously without knowing it. You see, the rental house we lived for the last 7 months has stairs. A lot of stairs. Everyday, whether I liked it or not, I walked up and down those stairs at least 10 times. Up and down, up and down. By using the stairs, I have worked the muscles on the front and back of my legs as well as my gluteal muscles. As a result, not only my thighs are shapelier, my butt also looks better and more lifted.

Using the stairs instead of the elevator is great. Not only you have a mini workout, you also conserve energy otherwise spent on operating the lift. Also, your body will thank you later. I know mine does :)

So, ladies, use the stairs if you care for your booties!

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