Friday, September 9, 2011

Pop o' Gold FOTD

Hi everyone,

Believe it or not, I am attracted to gold eye shadows. As much as I've tried for years to make gold look good, it just makes me look like an alien. Or a gilded tin man. But I don't give up on gold, I just try harder. Today's FOTD, I used a dirty gold eyeshadow to accent my lazy cut the crease neutral look and the result was quite interesting. Neutral but quite attention catching, I guess.

Pop o' Gold FOTD
The eye makeup I did was quite similar to that of Cut the Crease Drama-o-Rama FOTD. I even used the same NYX Champagne and Caviar palette :D However, I am not reinventing the wheel. Not at all.

What I used

Now you see neutrals
Now you don't :)
Please forgive my spazzy indoor lightning. This picture doesn't do the eye makeup any justice.
The steps and colors are similar to the Cut the Crease Drama-o-Rama FOTD but I used less dark colors and added a pop of gold (light color on L'Oreal Gilded duo) on the eyelid


If you noticed the two lipsticks in the "What I used" picture, your bet would be something was up. Another two-toned lip look? Nope. It's ombre, baby!

Ombre lips: darker on the inside, lighter on the outside
This picture, taken indoor, showcases the ombre lip look better
I used Za Pink Pearl on the outside and NYC Blue Rose on the inside.

 What I did:

  • Primed the face with Rhoto Acnes Oil Control before applying L'Oreal True Match foundation with E.L.F Studio powder brush. Result: flawless skin!
  • Applied Neutrogena Health Skin blend before contouring and highlighting with Physician's Formula bronzer and ELF Gotta Glow blush.
  • Contoured and highlighted my nose with Ardell brow powder (because it's dark enough) and ELF Gotta Glow blush.
By the way, as always, all the pictures in this post are not Photoshopped.  I do look like this with makeup on. Without makeup is another question ;)

And now, the part y'all looking for: the bloopers! This week's FOTD has more bloopers than usual because yours truly was so messed up with the pictures. My lost is your gain, so enjoy!

What's up with the face?
The sun, the sun. It is so shiny! 
My attempt at Blue Steel.
Or was it Tiger Mom pose #22?!
Contractual obligatory peace sign pose.
Taylor Lautner has his six pack abs, I have my peace sign, haha!
That's all for today, folks! I hope you enjoy the FOTD.

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