Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fitness Report #5

Hi everyone,

This morning, I realized I'm in the middle of week 6 of my self-imposed workout challenge. That's right, I'm only a few day shy of finishing a month and a half of exercising. I can't believe I can do it and do it with stride, too!

Week 5 was a little bit slower than I thought. Due to the heat, I could not exercise as much. Also, I did not do the weekly weigh in. As much as I tried not to gauge my progress from the number in the scale, the InBody system actually gives me some ideas of what I need to do to improve my stat.

What I did during week 5:

  • Monday:            Yoga                 1hr
  • Tuesday:            break
  • Wednesday:       30 Day Shred    30 min
  • Thursday:           Activate             40 min
  • Friday:               Yoga                 30 min
  • Saturday:            break
  • Sunday:              Mix                   1hr 30 min
Total amount of time: 4 hours 10 minutes

While the numbers are not huge as they were in week 4, I am happy that I can exercise. 30 Day Shred is getting a tiny bit easier as I don't feel as sore the next day. Also, I did the whole Zumba Mix DVD, which is the first since it's a long and intense workout.

Fitness tip of the week: Smile!

When you go to the gym, you see people grunting and moaning and making faces while lifting weight. Do they look younger and more attractive while doing so? Nope! You use more muscles on your face when frowning than smiling. More muscles used = more wrinkles in the future. We don't want that, do we?

So smile, even when you lift the heaviest weight and your muscles are burning. It does make you feel a lot better when you lift and smile.

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