Friday, August 12, 2011

Simple FOTD

Hi everyone,

I decided to do a quick and simple FOTD today. My first attempt tanked horribly and I was so tired so I had to settle for something less complicated. Hence this look:

Simple FOTD
Why did I look so sad and sleepy here? 
It was really simple: winged eyeliner, a pair of falsies, and some crazy lipsticks.

See anything interesting here?
I used 2 Revlon lipsticks: Siren (orange red) on my upper lip, and Fire and Ice (pure red) on my lower lip. Can you tell the difference?

Apparently, two-tone lips are in these days. I gave it a try and was thoroughly impressed of how similar these two colors look. Next time, I'll try purple and red to see how it goes :)

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