Tuesday, August 3, 2010

NYC Blushable Creme Sticks are so Blushful!

Hi everybody,

Ok, I thought I just made up a word. "Blushful" is in the dictionary, yo! I'm not Sarah Palin, ok. What does "repudiate" mean, by the way?

With or without my digression, recently I've been very much into cream (or creme) blushes. During my most recent trip, I had a chance to pick up two limited edition creme blushes from NYC. Yes, I had to get far far away from home to find something decent. the local CVS stores don't even carry NYC blushable creme blushes, let alone the LEs. It's a sad, sad place to live, you see.

NYC Blushable Creme Blush. (L-R): Pink Flash, Wild Berry
I'm fascinated with these guys: they are so pigmented, blendable, and super compact. They reminded me of the old Max Factor foundation sticks but with better design and without the weird smell. Also, I just love the fact that the colors of the tubes are the actual colors of the blushes. No guess work requires.

Pink Flash and Wild Berry
Did you see what I mean? The color of the blush looks exactly like the color of the tube. This makes shopping a lot more easier.

Here comes the swatches:

Skin swatch without blending
Skin swatch, blended
Wild Berry is a pink color that reminds me of the pink color Barbie wears. It's bright. It's plastic. It's cheerful. For those whose skins are cool tone, you can't go wrong with this one.

Pink Flash is not pink :) It is coral and very warm. I can only use a tiny bit of it and blend out very well. The color definitely warms up your face. I would wear this one more in the winter. Also, the color is somewhat comparable to NARS The Multiple in Portofino, although Portofino leans more toward the brick red side.

The price: $3.99 USD each and I can't get them in my zip code. I wish they exist in yours because these blush sticks are really fabulous and affordable.

The tool: although you can use your fingers to blend, I highly recommend using Sonia Kashuk synthetic blusher brush to blend. Unlike the sponge which eats up the product, the brush does not. Also, I find this brush to blend out the creme blushes more seamlessly.

I use Wild Berry a lot and I just can't have enough of it. This blush just gives me a "glow from within" look, which is both healthy and believable.

Disclaimer: I bought both blushes with my own money for my everyday use. They are fantastic. For more information regarding My Makeup Blog's disclosure policy, click here.

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