Thursday, May 13, 2010

Belly at Large: Debut Video

What's up girlfriends?

Do you miss me? Well, you don't have to miss me no mo'. Yours truly, el Gato Supremo, grace you with his first video. La mamarazzi (aka Dao) decided to branch out to new things. It's annoying, yo. It's like having a friendnemy that won't quit on you, regardless of how awesome you are.

She filmed this video to submit for the VW Punch Dub commercial. They said it's not long enough but can you imagine how fabulous it would be if yours truly made the cut?

Anyways, enjoy! And don't go too hard on the mamarazzi. She's still green in this thing.

Love, peace, and tuna fish,

Mr. Belly, aka El Gato Supremo

P.S: If you like my blog (yes, it's mine! Dao just fills in for me on the day I don't blog), please subscribe to my feed. Thanks a lot! Also, giveaway ends at 5pm EST today. Please join! I wanted to make some cards to give out to fans but Dao said no. I'm smad at her!


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