Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gifts from My Secret Santa

Hi everybody,

After recovering from the cold, I now have a habit of putting a exclamation mark at the end of every sentence I wrote! (<- like that!) Yes, that's quite annoying to the readers but I can't explain how happy I am to be well again. While taking a peak at my photo archive, I realized I did not post anything about what I got for Christmas. This holiday season is kind of strange to me: while I've grown accustomed to not receiving any gifts during Christmas, I am still looking forward to receiving something. The solution? A Secret Santa gift swap at NoBrainer*

Gifts from the Secret Santa

Like me, the ladies at NB are insane makeup addicts (read the last 3 words together, please!) I've learned so many things from them and my Secret Santa, who is also a beauty blogger, is an nailphile. She sent me 3 beautiful nail polishes from Sinful Colors, the brand that I start to love more and more each day, and 2 glittery nail polishes from Sally's Girl.

My SS is a faithful patron to Sally's Beauty and she got me that tube of body lotion, lip balm, and ApHogee protein treatment packs. The last one I used on my mom's hair after she colored it with henna. (She loved the stuff, by the way!)

I really want to hug the Secret Santa because she included the NYX Champagne and Caviar palette that I've been wanting for about 1/2 year now. FYI, she's the one who instigated it and I guess this is a nice way to complete the circle of lemming.

So, MMB readers can expect more nail polish reviews and swatches in the future. Thanks to my SS, now I have a renewed interest in nail polishes, especially the glittery ones. By the way, glittery and colorful nail polishes are in this year.

Thank you so so so so much, my Secret Santa, for sending me joy to this holiday season! I really appreciate everything you sent, including the 2 nail polishes I exchanged for 4. Hope your gift was also as good and hope you'll have everything you want and more.

*Alienman at GoldfishCake is the ring leader behind NoBrainer (get her, guys!) Click here for more information regarding this forum.
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  1. Ooooh. Is your SS who I think it is??
    I had a lot of fun doing this. What are ApHogee treatment packs?!?! Thanks for the plug btw :D

  2. oooh, look at all of those polishes! You had a really good secret santa.

  3. You got a lot of great things, lucky you.Those nail polishes look gorgeous!

  4. Hi Alienman,

    NB deserves some advertisement, I'm just doing my part of a participant :)

    You know who my SS is, you do! The ApHogee treatment packs have a protein treatment to strengthen the hair and a deep conditioner. I used them on my mom after she dyed her hair with henna and she liked the ApHogee a lot. I guess if you have weak hair, this will help.

  5. Hi Trisha,

    I know, aren't they gorgeous? My SS is the best!

  6. Hi Gio,

    The Secret Santa was a lot of fun, and I got such a nice SS to boost. But that was all I got for Christmas, it is not good to get old :(

  7. I am loving that Pomegranite lotion. Excited for your nail polish posts :)

  8. Hi Jordy,

    It smells really awesome! I love it, too! I've been wearing nail polishes for the past few weeks. This is definitely a nice change.

  9. yes yes I expect you to review the nyx palette. so jealous! :)

  10. Hi Stephanie,

    Don't be jealous! It's good but it's not UD Book of Shadows II or anything (smile) I will review it soon, I love Champagne and Caviar a lot!


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