Thursday, December 24, 2009

Rimmel London Airy Fairy: A Pink Lipstick for Everyday

Hi everybody,

While I am not a big fan of lipsticks, lately I've caught myself staring at the Rimmel London display every time I go to the drugstore. This brand has some seriously kick-ass lipsticks! After my trial with Pink Champagne, I was very happy with the creaminess of Rimmel lipsticks. Also, the lasting power and price are wonderful, too. While I love Pink Champagne, I realize the color is somewhat too porn star for me ;) It's a good lip color to go out at night and have some fun but for the office and conservative environment, it's a bit too light for me.

Then, along came Airy Fairy, the greatest office friendly lipstick I've ever had!

It's pink, but not too pink
It's nude, but not too nude
It's sexy, but not too overly provocative
What is it?

It's Rimmel London Airy Fairy lipstick, yo!

That's number 070 for you!

Lip swatch
Excuse moi for the chapped lips, it was mighty cold that day!

I really love this lip color, it's so perfect for me. I've been wearing it so many times that the other lipsticks start to get jealous and fight for my attention (just kidding!) If you are still looking for a pink lipstick to go to work, please give Airy Fairy a try.

And now, a disclaimer: this product was purchased from my own pocket for my personal use and review. For more information, please visit Rimmel London website. Please read My Makeup Blog disclosure policy regarding product reviews.


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  1. I too own Pink Champagne and Airy Fairy, I love both!

    Great post!!!

  2. That's a lovely color, it looks gorgeous on you!

  3. i love rimmel l/s I have several of their shades!!

  4. Hi J-eezy,

    I'm glad you feel the same. Airy Fairy is so great!

  5. Hi Gio,

    I love this color very much, it's so creamy and pigmented. I think Rimmel is available in Italy but this shade may be in a different name.

  6. Hi Sofee,

    I saw your lipstick collection. Rimmel is a good brand for lipsticks.

  7. omg NUDE PINK!!!!I've been searching high and low for a nude pink lippy!!!Rimmel seems to make decent lippies, I saw a swatch on Temptalia and it was so pigmented I'd easily believe it was a $25+ lipstick!I gotta hunt myself down some of these

  8. Hi McNunu,

    I know, the elusive nude pink lipstick! Rimmel has some really good lippies. The texture is very similar to MAC creamsheen lipsticks but for a lot cheaper.

  9. I adore Airy Fairy. To me, I actually quite like the fruity smell of Rimmel Lipsticks. If you like Airy Fairy try Crush. It's a nice peach sort of coral colour that's not too bright. Perfect for summer.


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