Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My New Pink Lipstick: Rimmel London Lipstick in Pink Champagne

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Although I have a lot of pink lipsticks, I still can't help but get another one to fill my stash. The latest pink lippie I go is from Rimmel London called "Pink Champagne". Since the name is fun and the shade is cute, I brought it home during a sale event.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Intense Wear Lipstick in Pink Champagne

...at a slightly different angle and lightning

Lip Swatch

The one thing I like about this lipstick is the texture: it is creamy and not quite drying as I thought. The texture and pigmentation of this lipstick reminds me of MAC Creamsheen lipstick. Although I don't like the fruity smell that Rimmel lipsticks have, I don't find it so offensive. In fact, it goes away quickly after I apply to my lips.

I love the Rimmel logo on the cap, it looks so regal!

While I slowly make a comeback to lipsticks, I find Rimmel London lippies to be affordable and reliable. Between the Walgreens and CVS in my 'hood, I can comfortably get them during the promotions so I don't have to break the bank over some lipsticks.

How about you? What do you think about Rimmel London lipsticks? Comment, ok?


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  1. aw such a pretty tone of pink ! i agree about buying pink shades of lipsticks even if you have more than enough to last you for the next 2 years ! but then again, i guess thats true with any makeup, right ?

    i actually tried this rimmel lipstick line in birthday suit and airy fairy . both nude colors . i didnt LOVE it enough for it to be one of my HGs, but i think for the price, its soo good ! rich color pigmentation !!!

  2. I love Rimmel london lippies I have like 6 or 7..I got this shade but I think they recently changed the name to pink blush..I think its the same lippie because it has the same number :D and its also one of my faves u can see the swatch on my blog :D

  3. Hi Bunee,

    I like your name, so cute! I've heard a lot of good things about Airy Fairy but still do not get a chance to officially obtain it. I guess once you find your comfort zone in makeup, you keep buying the same thing over and over again :) I love the pigmentation of Rimmel lipsticks a lot but I am not fond of the smell. But for the price, I'm really happy!

  4. Hi Sofee,

    Is that so? I've heard the Rimmel lipsticks in UK and US do not have the same name. I wonder when they changed the name of Pink Champagne because it sounds great! Wow, you have a lot of lippies, I'll come over and take a look!

  5. I haven't tried any Rimmel lipsticks yet but this shade looks very pretty. I love pink lipsticks!

  6. Hi Gio,

    You should! Rimmel London's lipsticks are creamy and almost feel like MAC Creamsheen to me. I really love this pink shade and hopefully, you'll find it too!

  7. nice! have you tried the new maybelline one? they are b1g1 this week and walgreens so I am thinking about it!

  8. Hi Stephanie,

    I just saw the video of the new Maybelline and the lipsticks look really good. I may take a stab at them also, since I have some coupons.


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