Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear M.A.C, Part Deux

Hi everybody,

How was your Christmas? Mine was so delightful, jolly, and full that I still feel tingle and happy. Now, sitting in front of the computer and basking over the afterglow of Christmas, I wish to have more time like this. Let me tell you, this is the life, y'all! While checking my email, I noticed a new ad from MAC that prompted me to write another letter to my favorite Canadian makeup company (click here for the original Dear M.A.C.) Rest assure, I am not an anti-fan of Makeup Art Cosmetics in any measures. Some of their products I can't live without, but this is a little bit too much and I guess it's time for some people from MAC to read my blog already.

So what prompted my post-Christmas outrage?

This ad of MAC Studio Fix Lash

Did you see anything strange? Let me show you two!

Numero Uno:

"Really, what is that?" you asked
"That, my dear children," I said, "is not the miracle of Christmas. It's the spine of a pair o' falsies!"
Wanna see numero dos? Jump!

And now, numero dos
It's so wrong in two levels

Let me show you:

Not only you see the spine of the falsies, you also see the model's eyelashes peaking out underneath the pair of falsies!
Can I have an "Oh boy!"?

Those, my friends, are images from MAC's newest campaign called "In the Studio" sent this morning. I don't know if MAC wants to keep it real in their ad campaign for a mascara by not photoshopping the real lashes out of the falsies or not but this is so foul in so many levels:

1. This is an ad for mascara, so why did the model wear fake lashes?

2. If I want to buy this mascara, how do I know how well it performs?

3. Please hire a new photo retoucher and a new art director

    I actually have one in mind for you. Yadiq is a reader of mine and a photo retoucher. I know she won't let this happen. Also, any decent makeup artist would try to blend the real lashes with the false lashes using a heated eyelash curler after applying some mascara. Even I, a makeup addict, can tell you that.

So please, MAC, please stop this ridiculous thing from happening again. I don't want to be mean to you but if I see any mascara ads from you with real lashes peaking out of falsies again, I have to report it up here. And I am not kidding! This has got to stop!


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  1. I so didn't even notice that. lol
    A lot of the makeup companies are using falsies in their ads for mascara. Loreal has a little blurb at the bottom of the ad page that tells you that "lash inserts" were used for...
    I'm sure that they've been doing it for years and it's gone unnoticed until recently in light of all the disclosures with the FTC and all.

  2. the falsies are so obvious! thanks for posting..

  3. Heeheehee!Oh Dao ,how I love you for spotting all these makeup faux pas xD
    I personally think that falsies SHOULD NEVER be used in an ad for mascara. Seriously, how misleading and pointless is it?I wanna see how the mascara performs on bare lashes, not how it looks in conjunction with falsies. If I was gonna wear falsies anyways, why would I buy and wear your mascara?

  4. I just want them to stop using them all together in their ads...I don't wear falsies more than once a month.

    Great post!!!

  5. hey girl !!!
    thanks for the shout out! lol it's really a sad state of affairs but advertising is so false - its really a sad and blatantly obvious the lies involved in advertising. As someone who studied advertising for art direction its all abt how to sell it and how to spin it. Make someone fall in love with an illusion for business- it sickens me. This is where retouchers and graphic designers come into play we have to make the illusion seem real to sell the product and or service. its up to the consumer to always remember to not judge the book by its cover and always be realistic abt expectations especially in beauty. Retouching like makeup is an art and has to be viewed as such a pretty picture on a canvas and not as an aspiration of what we want to be. I cant even begin to tell you the amount of pounds i have shed off people wrinkles takes out of awkward garment, enhancing pigments in cosmetics etc. This should serve as a reminder that as women we need to feel confident in ourselves and not hide behind makeup and other products but to have fun with them and use them as something for fun. I like many of you am a makeup addict but i am a fanatic of color and texture so i love to use myself as a canvas but lord knows i get to work with a bare face every day - dark circles and all and guess what ? - its me lol makeup is a way for me to relax and unwind - now this is my public service announcement for the empowerment of women! have a great day all!

  6. Hi Naomi,

    L'Oreal mascara ads are very obvious and they did not disclaim the strip lashes until people in U.K wanted to yank down their ads. MAC, on the other hand, did not listen to people. It's not the first time I see the fake lashes in models.

  7. Hi McNunu,

    I understand, fake lashes on models for mascara ads is the same as photoshopping wrinkles out of models in anti-aging skincare ads. It's false advertising and I wonder why the FTC does not do anything.

  8. Hi J-ezzy,

    I hope this will stop, too! That's why the only way we know if mascaras work is to read blogs. Every time I review a mascara, I make sure to take close up shots at my eyelashes.

  9. Hi YadiQ,

    Well said, girlfriend! I am glad you told us the truth about advertising.

  10. Unfortunately everyone uses false lashes in mascara ads, not just MAC, but this time it's so obvious! I wish they all stopped doing that though cos if they need to use fake lashes that tells me that the product isn't really good to begin with. Otherwise, why use them? These days I rely only on blogs to know how a product works since ads are always so misleading.

  11. Hi Gio,

    Well said, Gio! Many companies use false lashes but this is way too obvious! Like you, I rely on blogs to know whether the mascara I'm interested in work or not.


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