Monday, October 12, 2009

Writer's Block

Happy Monday, folks!

Calvin and Hobbs (one of my favorite comic strips)

Once in a while, I get a big chunk of writer's block right on top of my laptop. I know I have products to review, and pictures to attach. Basically, things are ready to be posted. "Write me, write me!" the beautiful makeup product said. And what did I do? I bite my nail hard because I cannot write anything on that beautiful makeup item.

It's ironic, isn't it, to have a blog and not able to write. Sometimes, I wonder how other beauty bloggers truck 3-4 posts a day, 7 days a week while I barely catch up with my single post per weekday policy. I guess addressing the elephant in the room does help because hey...this is a post, right? (grin)

One of my friend has a good coping technique whenever he has a writer's block. It's called "cleaning my room"! And I can tell when it happens because his apartment is the beacon of shininess whenever he gets stuck in his writing. Apparently, cleaning his room helps him to declutter his mind and as soon as his place looks nice and neat, his writer's block also chips away to a very small fragment in his mind.

How about me? Whenever I feel sluggish, I just crank on music. Right now, I feel like buying the new Madonna CD collection "Celebration" and dance through the 38 songs.

Vogue, Vogue, Vogue :)

How about you? What are your coping techniques when you have writer's blocks? Please comment and let me know, ok? Any help is good help to me :)


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  1. Whenever I have writer's block, I usually read more. It can be anything like other blogs, magazine, books. They don't have to be beauty related, it's actually better when they're not. That way, it helps you see things in a different perspective so that you can write about them in a different and unique way.

    Or you can just take a break and do anything else. Listen to music, take a walk or a nap or whatever you want and wait for inspiration to come back. Just don't force it or you're only gonna get even more frustrated.

  2. Hi Gio,

    Those are great tips, thank you!

  3. You write more often than I do when it comes to blogging. If you have writer's block, what do I have!?!?... lol~ :X

  4. Hi Alyssa,

    Sometimes, it's harder to write than usual and although I try not to stop writing totally, it's still very hard. I enjoy your posts a lot and understand some people are busier than others.


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