Thursday, October 1, 2009

VS Lip Gloss in Blush: Not Just Another Pink Lip Gloss

Hi everybody,

Although I love Victoria's Secret, I stopped buying their makeup after they changed the name to Very Sexy. I could not stand to use anything that urges me to be sexy. “Just let me be!” I said. And why a lot of other beauty bloggers professed their love to Very Sexy, I dutifully ignored. I guess Victoria's Secret took the cue, as I was not the only one who did not shell out the pretty pennies. Recently, they changed their in-store brand to VS. While the name sounds better than its predecessor, those who have keen eyes realize it’s the initial of Victoria's Secret (or Very Sexy.) So really, the name is more of the same to me.

VS Makeup mini lip gloss in "Blush"

However, after trying out their lip glosses, I realized VS makeup is up to something good. The mini lipgloss I got is Blush, a pink color that screams “my lips but better” to me. Since I came with a coupon, that mini lippie was free. The full size ones are $10 a pop, which is quite a bargain for a store brand.

Close up at the sponge tip applicator

 It's "my lips but better", y'all!

Unlike other lip glosses out there, VS glosses are either goopy or sticky. However, they are shiny and the lasting power is fine for glosses. The scent is sweet and reminds me that of MAC lip glasses. I particularly enjoy the sponge tip applicator, which is more slanted than in other lip glosses and similar to the ones in L’Oreal glosses. I hope VS makeup will come up with a pack of mini glosses soon as I love the little ones. For some strange reasons, I never get a chance to finish a full size lipgloss in my life and I hate to see things go to waste. With the minis, I may get an opportunity to finish it in my life. Also, they are easier to stash in bags.

If you are looking for a shiny lipgloss that does not feel goopy or sticky, the new VS glosses are for you. They are definitely a lot cheaper than the other department store glosses out there but the quality is good. Will I buy it? Definitely, but I’ll wait for the mini gloss set to come out first.


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  1. This is a really cute gloss, the colour is awesome.
    I love those colours that are so close to your lip colour so they are your lips but better :)
    Nice review.

  2. I never finish a full sized lip gloss either! My favorites are from Fresh and the Sally Hansen 18 hr one. The Sally Hansen one was a total surprise because I didn't intend to buy it. I keep meaning to do a post it them... Have you checked out my jewelry blog yet?

  3. I have never managed to finish a full size lipgloss either. Thanks for the review. That shades looks lovely on you!

  4. Hi Jordy,

    True, true! It's really close to my lip color and I love it! Do you have Victoria's Secret in Australia?

  5. Hi Sofee,

    Thanks, I like it a lot! If you get a chance, please check it out!

  6. Hi Stephanie,

    You have some really cute jewelry on your site. I need to check that Sally Hansen's lip gloss out, it sounds wonderful.

  7. Hi Gio,

    Thank you! I always wonder why they don't manufacture mini lip glosses. I don't like to waste a tube of gloss that expired.

  8. I love lip gloss and it is a must to have in my purse. This girl use to be in my class she sell homemade lip gloss on ebay. I tried once and it really works. This kind of lip gloss is even better than Maybelline and Loreal. She did have a funny name for the lip gloss. She called it 4S = Soft, Smooth, Shiney and Sexy.


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