Friday, October 23, 2009

My New Moon

Hello ladies (and gents),

Recently, I've been in a mood called "A Girl's Gotta Bling" where I constantly crave for some bright and shiny little things. To fuel my crave, Michael's seems to have lots of sales on their crystals and they are quite affordable. I got some pieces and got myself busy. While they all turned out great, I love this piece the most:

I call it "My New Moon"

So pretty, see!

It really sparkles!

I have to say the camera does not do justice to this piece of crystal: it really sparks fiercely. Since I am very new at wire wrapping, it does look wonky. I appreciate any suggestions and tips (Stephanie, help!) For those who are jewelry makers out there, don't worry, I am not edging to your market. While I love beading, I am not that detail oriented as you guys. But once in a while, I do love to make something for myself.

That's all, folks! I hope this week has been good for you. I am working on an important deadline and you may find my blog entries shorter in the future. However, I will try to blog as frequent as I can and appreciate your support.


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  1. Aww that's so pretty and sparkly, I love it!

  2. Hi Gio,

    Oh, thank you so much! I'm not so good at wire wrapping but the crystals are really pretty.

  3. I just found you blog and love it. keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Angela,

    Thanks for the encouragement! Hope you'll come back soon!

  5. you've got a great start there! It has a nice charm. There's two styles of wire wrapping. Looking perfectly or looking like you did it organically. I can refer you to some tutorial videos if you want. But for moons I usually use a bail. Here to help!

  6. Hi Stephanie,

    Please, please, please give me some videos. The wire wrapping for this one was done in a good day but the other ones are not so good. I can't find a bail at my local Michael's so I decided to wire wrap it.


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