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How to Get Incredible Eyebrows

Hello everyone,

Last week, I blogged about my incredible eyebrows and got some positive feedback from y'all. I was so happy! As you may notice, my eyebrows are not twins- they are sisters. While the left one looks chic and polished, the right one is more difficult to groom. I guess as my eyes do not have the same shape, the brows kind of mirrors them as well. I spent years trying to make the right one to look like the left one but always, they do not match. Then I realize, if the right eyebrow looks about 80% like the left one, I call it a success. But still, once in a while, I get a good match and that's it. It's rare to have my brows to look alike twice in a row.

I spent lots of time reading makeup books and paid careful attention in the eyebrow grooming section. Then one day the solution dawned on me: I can use a stencil as a guide to groom my brows! So simple, right? In this post, I will show you how to groom and fill in your eyebrows.

To groom your eyebrows

What you'll need: a pair of tweezers, white eyeliner, slanted eyeshadow brush, spoolie brush, gel and powder brow kit, and a brow stencil (I use Ardell's)

Step 1: wash your face and eye area

Step 2: place the stencil on the brow area...

...and use the white eyeliner to draw over it. The white lines are used as a guide to puck your brows.
Pluck the hair beneath them.

Step 3:
After you're done plucking (or waxing) the stray hair, use a spoolie to comb through your eyebrows in an upward motion. Use a pair of baby scissors, trim the parts of your brows that stick out.
Then, comb again but this time downward. Also, trim the parts that stick out. This step is crucial to make your brows look well-groomed.

Then, clean up the white eyeliner.
Your brows should look nice and neat.

To fill in your eyebrows
Sometimes, after grooming your brows, you'll realize some areas are sparser than others. Filling your eyebrows with gel, powder, or pencil brow liner does solve that problem. However, most times my brows end up looking crooked so I depend on the same brow stencil to fill 'em in.

Step 1:
Apply the brow stencil on top of your eyebrows. Be careful to align it to match the peak of your eyebrows.

  Step 2: Using a slanted eyeshadow brush, apply the wax before the brow powder
With luck, it should look scary like this!
Optional: You can take a step back and gawk at the marvel of your scary brows. If you have kids, please feel free to chase 'em around before proceeding to step 3.

Step 3: Use the spoolie brush to distribute the brow powder evenly by brushing it to the directions your eyebrow hair grows.

...they should look like this.
Optional: to measure your sucess, chase some kids again to see if they're scared. If they're not, you're good to go!

Last step: apply highlighter underneath your brow bones and use a finger to blend.
I use the same white eyeliner in this step but if you have highlighting eyeshadow, please feel free to use.

Tada! You're done!
Please feel free to apply makeup and have a ball :)

The strange and wonderful thing about eyebrows is nobody is going to tell you how stunning they look. Yet, badly groomed eyebrows can break your makeup. It is not very time consuming to groom your brows: with practice, it can be done in about 20 minutes. In fact, I did this whole tutorial in about the same allotted time with grooming and taking pictures at the same time. If you have money, the Anastacia brow kit is a good investment as the material is more adhesive than the Ardell stencil kit. However, the Ardell one is not so bad and I've had it for a while now.

Using the stencil kit to fill in the brows is very easy as it takes the guesswork out of the game. I highly urge you to have one in your kit, especially when your brows do not match (like mine!)

I hope you'll have success in your brow grooming area. If you have a different method, please let me know. I'd love to hear how y'all do your brows as well.


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  1. Thanks for posting this. I typically go to a salon and get my brows waxed for like 10 bucks (6 + tip), but I don't always have time. This is a good option for DIY brows... plus I'm horrible at filling mine in so I gave up trying. I'll try your method today!

  2. Hi Avy,

    I hope this will help you to have beautiful eyebrows. Please let me know the result.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial Dao, it's very useful. I like how you do your eyebrows, they look great!

  4. Thanks Gio! Usually, I don't powder my eyebrows. I just let them be, but if I go out, I need to make them look nice and neat. It's really easy to use the stencil for brow grooming. You should give it a try!


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