Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wimbledon and how not to melt under the sun

Right now I'm watching the Wimbledon semi-final match between Federer and Ancic and boy oh boy Federer is unstoppable! The guy is such an interesting player with strength, skill, and brain. He made a bleep in my radar during that match with Andy Roddick a while ago at the US Open. While Andy just pounded the tennis ball away with all his strength, Federer used different angles and open spots to defeat his opponent. That is how a good tennis player should be in my book. After that, it has become predictable that Fererer is going to win each and every match in all the major tennis tournaments except the Roland Garros (aka the French Open) where Rafael Nadal is the reigning champion.

I'm wondering what brand of sunscreen he wears, he has nice color going on :p
Image from Moldova

Anyways, while watching two very hot guys playing balls, I can't help but wondering how to keep my makeup from melting in the sun. When summer comes, it bring to us a different set of problems. Unlike winter when the most concern is the lack of moisture, summertime is heat and humidity abundant, both of which me not likey!

The other day I did my laundry and when I came back, what was strategically and artfully applied of my makeup became a hot mess, not a hot trany mess a la Christian Siriano's standard. I looked like somebody who partied too hard and forgot to take off my makeup the day after. On top of that, my hair just stuck to my head. Le sigh!

So what can a girl do to stay gorgeous during the hot season? By keep everything minimal and simple!

1. Instead of heavy makeup, opt for a tinted moisturizer:
  • You can make your own too, very simple to do but just keep reading. The how-to is at the end of this post.
2. Use water-proof mascaras instead of regular ones:
  • Unless dotting racoon eyes around is your thing, you need the water-proof version of your fave mascara.
"Raccoon eyes are so in this summer!", said Rac the fashion eyecon :D
Image from Judd Patterson

3. Apply minimal amount of eye makeup: freedom at last! No more standing hours in front of the mirror!
  • Instead of slaving over 10 different colors of eyeshadows, all you need is a good creamy eyeshadow such as MAC paint pot in Bare Study. Then apply the whole thing all over your lid.
  • Line your eyes with a non-smudging eyeliner and you're done with the eyes!
4. Use tinted versions of you lip and cheek products:
  • By using a tint instead of a lipstick or blush on your lips and cheeks, you avoid two things: fading and running of your colors in the heat.
As I promised, here's my how-to guide on making your own tinted moisturizer:

You will need your favorite face moisturizer and foundation. Squirt about a quarter size of moisturizer on the palm of your hand and 1-2 drops of foundation on top of it. Use your finger and mix the two things together. Then apply to your face as you would do with your own foundation. That's it, folks! Your own tinted moisturizer!

This heat-proof routine can be your everyday routine as well if you prefer minimal makeup. Have fun in the sun ladies!

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