Friday, July 4, 2008

Victoria's Secret Loot

Since my birthday is in this month, I got a $10 gift card from Victoria's Secret. Incidentally, VS also has their semi-annual sale going on so I can use the card to buy stuff for cheap. The sale has been going on for a while now and I guess most of the good stuff has gone so far.

For $10, I got 4 items from the sale: a bottle of bubble bath gel, a liquid eyeliner, a Beauty Rush eyeshadow, and a pair of underoo. Usually $10 doesn't get me that far at VS but the sales does help. Yay for semi-annual sales!

A snap-shot of the loot taken from my webcam.
Sorry for the Blair-witch quality guys! (And don't you even think I would show you the underwear!)

Just to show the felt tip of the eye liner. It looks like a pen and similar to Shiseido or Shu Uemura's eye liner.

The swatch of the eyeliner and 3 of the Beauty Rush eye shadows I have.
Laguna Peach is a peach-pink eyeshadow with shimmer, goes nude on my eyelids;
Gold school is a beautiful frosty gold color, appropriate for highlighting;
Brown to earth is brown (duh!) and doesn't have much shimmer.

And btw, if you're wondering where in my body I did the swatch, it's my left hand. I took the picture with my hand in a very contorting way. Also, the lightning is just bad in my room so the colors are duller than they look. Gosh, I really need a new camera since my old one broke a while ago.

I love the Beauty Rush eye shadows very much since they are very blendable and quite pigmented. It was VS to first come up with the idea of putting the eyeshadow powders in a tube and attach the pointed plastic smudging tip as an applicator. After that, other companies started to follow suit but I don't think any of them can come close to the quality of VS's Beauty Rush. These little tubes are small enough to stash in your purse and they are spill-proof. I can imagine myself dabbing a bit of the eyeshadows while waiting in the traffic.

To apply, you can use the applicator inside the tube, your brushes, or *gasp* your fingers! I prefer the last 2 methods, especially my fingers to apply eyeshadows when I'm on a run. I just have to make sure that my hands are clean before touching my eyes though, don't want anything funny going there!

This picture was taken while back already. I miss my short hair, at that time I was rocking the Victoria Beckham hair do way before she had hers. I used Gold School and Brown to Earth on my eyes, some lip colors I don't remember and some foundation I don't remember either. It was a bit before I started using mineral makeup, which is a story for another day.

Happy 4th of July, y'all! I baked a dozen of red velvet cupcakes and made cream cheese frosting. Then I may go watch the fireworks. We have a long weekend y'all! Enjoy the day and I'm praying for a no-rain day tomorrow. Don't want a rain on my parade :)

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