Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cover Girl LashBlast: Bambi Eyes in a Flash

By now, I think the world has known about a mascara that's dripped with awesomeness that is appropriately named "LashBlast" by Cover Girl. In my book, a good mascara has 3Bs in it: bolder, bigger, better. Since I have deep set eyes and my lashes are not that long, I need a mascara that makes them visible and winkable. My obsession with making my lashes look better and my willingness to try lead me to LashBlast and I think I found the "it" mascara.

LashBlast is housed in an orange tube which makes it stand out in the jungle of drugstore mascaras. At first when I saw it, I thought "woa, this is one big mascara!" and immediately put it back. Then I braved up and my old mascara needed to be changed and went ahead to purchase it.

When I opened the package at home, I noticed how huge the mascara wand is. It is not your mama's old mascara, people! The wand is about the size of a slim pen/pencil and packed with plastic bristles. I love them bristles because they guarantee a clump-free application and that's one of the B's I mentioned before: better. No clumping=better.

I've heard people complained about how awkward the mascara wand is because it is too big but yours truly had no problem using the wand from day one. I think I'm just blessed with my mad skillz, y'all! It's probably the way God compensates me on my puny eyelashes. (Ok, now I'm just gloating! Geez!)

How about the other 2B's: bolder and bigger? As I said, this is my "it" mascara and it got the bolder and bigger part covered as well. I'm not going to say much as I let you see the result yourself:

My nekkid lashes without mascara

With LashBlast, the lashes look longer.

Overall, I love this mascara very much and I think Cover Girl mascaras are worth trying, especially the ones with the plastic clump-free wands such as Lash Exact and Volume Exact. The only complaint I have is the flakiness: it starts flaking after 6 hours of wear which is fine for me. As long as no smudging (aka no raccoon eyes) involved, the mascara stays. Plus I'm using a non-waterproof version so I kind of expecting it.

LashBlast is for you if you:
  • want bigger, bolder, and better lashes (remember the 3B's when you shop for a mascara the next time!)
  • need a budget-friendly mascara: LashBlast is about $7 USD at Walmart,
  • do not need a waterproof mascara,
  • love glossy lashes: the formula is kind of shiny instead of matte so it gives some gloss to your lashes
  • want a smudge-free mascara in a non-waterproof formula: seriously, this mascara does not smudge at all on my oily skin and in Florida summer heat!
It is not for you if you:
  • prefer a flake-free mascara: I think the waterproof version solves that problem well,
  • only purchase your mascaras from high-end department stores.
Maybelline NY came out with something similar called "Colosall Lash Volum' Express". I used "Volum' Express" before and to be honest, it was not that great. When my LashBlast runs dry, I will get the "Colosall Lash" and see how it stands up to the giant LashBlast.

So how was your day so far? Mine is fine, I'm blasting some music from my laptop while typing away. I've been downloading some music lately, especially some songs I've heard wayyyyyyy back!

I hope you have a nice and productive day. And come back soon!

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  1. Yeah I thought it was awkward at first too but now it's my favorite mascara ever. It's the only one Ive ever been able to wear where when it dries you can put another coat on top of it and it doesn't clump up :)

  2. You got that part right. And did you notice the glossiness too? I used Volume Exact before this one but it wasn't so glossy although it's a non-clumping mascara as well.

  3. i looked at the exact mascara but was definitely turned off by the size. the problem for me is that my eye lashes don't curl up, they point down no matter how much curling i do. but maybe i'll stop by and purchase this just to try it.

  4. Yeah, my lashes are straight too, very frustrating sometimes. This mascara is not such a good curl enhancer as it is a volumizer and lengthener. You may need a better eyelash curler to curl up them lashes before mascara.

  5. I HATED the original lash blast, but i LOVE the lash blast luxe, it doesn't flake and clump up [yeah the original does by the end of the day]. Definitely worth checkin out!

  6. Hi Kristen,

    I'll keep that in mind. The original LashBlast was wonderful for me.


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