Thursday, July 10, 2008

Attention MAC Addicts: 3 new collections coming to a counter near you!

Ah, finally I get to blog about my favorite Canadian makeup company, Makeup Art Cosmetics (M.A.C). All of my girl friends know how much I rave about this company and I keep on talking about MAC simply because their products are full of creativity. Come to think of it, what would the world turn out to be if MAC did not sell their shadesticks, paint pots, and brushes?

After about a month of not releasing another limited edition (LE), this month of July, MAC decided to reward us addicts (or break our budgets) by releasing 3 LE's in one day! Yup, you got it right, three limited edition collections in one hot day! And I hope you've saved up for that day because girl, that day is today!

So what are the trinity of budget breaking? Let us go over them real fast, shall we?

LE #1: Electroflash

According to MAC, Electroflash is a collection of "Mineralize Eye Shadow in nine new duos with unblinking courage, and convincing new combinations. Add Lipglass and Lipsticks with quantum physics energy, in companion colours and electro-lustres. Electricity is our most precious resource...everybody, electrified!"

This collection includes 9 mineraliz eye shadow duos ($17.50 USD each), 4 lipglasses ($14.00 USD), 4 lipsticks ($14.00 USD), and large fluff brush #227 ($30.00)

I've seen the mineralize eye shadows in some previous collections and they are very gorgeous. However, I've never seen colors as wild as those in Electroflash before. So this collection is definitely not for those who have faint hearts.

LE #2: Sonic Chic

According to MAC, this collection is about "Mineralize Blush to break the style barrier: Screamingly chic, but soft, sheer, lightweight. Enhance cheekbones, create planes and contours with the 181 Buffer Brush for flawless blending. The fastest route to perfection yet is Ultra-Sonic."

9 totally new colors and I think the concept of mineralize blush is totally new at MAC. I've tried their mineralize skin finish (MSF) as a blush before and I gave me very natural colors. People who've used MAC simply just can't get enough of their MSF to use as highlighters and blushes and I think that's why MAC decided to make a LE just for mineralize blush.

On the left is the MSF I tried called 'Warm Flush" from the N-Collection.
See how gorgeous those shimmering veins are?
The eyeshadow on the right is "Steamy".

Since this is a totally new type of product, I anticipate it to be sold like hot cakes. The last time MAC had a blush collection was the Beauty Powder Blush LE in March and some of the colors sold out fast. So if you see what you like, grab it!

The collection contains 9 mineralize blushes ($21.00 USD) and a small buffer brush #181 ($30.00 USD).

LE #3: New View

This collection is all about "Natural and Shimmer. The split personality of powder to sheerly and subtly perfect skin with dimensionality and mineralized starshine. These Mineralize Skinfinish duos are state-of-the-art simplicity, high-resolution finish."

This collection comes with 5 MSF duos ($26.50 USD each) and a #189 face brush ($40.00 USD). The MSF duos reminded me of the small LE called "Sculp and Shape" last year where the foundation duos were sold. These, however, has a shimmer side and a matte shine so I expect one side will be used up faster than another. I think it's convenient to carry around in your purse for touch up or travelling purposes.

After I get you all worked up and drooling over these LE's, I'm sorry to inform you that I'm going to sit away from this round of LE's. And I know you're shaking your head right now wondering why. Let me tell you why: anything mineral or mineralize from MAC doesn't do well on my face. I have an allergic reaction with bismuth oxychloride which makes my skin itch like crazy when the powder is applied. And MAC, our beloved cosmetic company, has bismuth oxychloride as an ingredient in all of their mineral foundations and eye shadows, and MSFs. I expect the mineralize blushes have that ingredient too.

But don't be sorry for me, I still have some makeup to play around. Missing 3 LE's is not the end of the world in my book. For those who decide to join this round, here's a coupon code for you:

Use code ELECTRO on your online order(s) from now until July 12th to get free shipping at No purchase limit needed.

Have fun with the 3 new LE's. If you decide to get anything from this trinity of budget breaking, please share with everybody. I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. aww that sucks you have an alergic reaction to mineralized make up! =[ I bought one of the MSFs, but I had to ask one of the MUA how to use it [lol I'm such an amateur with make up] and I really love how sheer it is. I hate wearing heavy foundation but it makes my skin look so smooth & even and the shimmer isn't too much. Lucky for you though, you'll save money! I'm forcing myself to stay away from the mall so I don't buy all 9 blushes!

  2. I'm glad you like the MSFs. I heard great reviews from other bloggers but my skin simply doesn't like MAC foundations. On the other hand, I get to save some money haha!

    May the force be with you, those 9 blushes are so tempting. I'm not going to the mall as well to practice self-restriction :D


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