Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Belly at Large: Made in China?


"Gimme back that lipstick!" said Mr. Belly, My Makeup Blog's Editor-at-Large

Yo, what's up my home girls? It's Belly time! Last week, my numero uno biggest fanista commented on my post about fake makeup. La McNunu wrote:
I once sent a message to one of the Ebay sellers notifying her that what she's selling in her shop is fake, she had the guts to email me back saying that she's reporting me to Ebay for malicious behaviour! and that her products come from MAC's factory in China, and that they're the colours that did not make their way into the official collection!!
Can you believe that?
McNunu dear,

I, Mr. Belly the cat, can't believe that. It is outrageous! But your comment made me think hard. Did MAC ever make anything in China? Hence, stash raiding time >^.^< Of course, I directed Dao, the human handler, to do all the hard work while I take the full credit, meowhahahaha.

Thanks to Temptalia's supply of MAC makeup to Dao, I was able to track the country of origin of several MAC products. Let's see:

Pigment: Made in the U.S of A, yo!

Glitters: Made in Japan

Nail polish: made in USA again

Lipstick: made in Canada, MAC's motherland

Eyeshadow: Canadian, too!

The paint pot is also Canadian

And so is the lip gloss

The full-size brushes are made in Japan
So, is there anything from MAC labelled "made in China"?
I continued digging hard into the brush stash and Dao was getting very mad. Her brushes are expensive and precious to her. Uh oh, I'd better not getting myself in trouble here!

And here it is, a MAC brush that was made in CHINA!

The special edition brush set is made in China!

I can't get my paws on the mineralize stuff because Dao does not use them since they contain bismuth oxychloride and she is allergic to it. However, I'm sure those stuff are not made in China. Only the SE brush sets are from China, the rest of them come from Japan (mostly brushes), the U.S to the A, and Canada.

So kittens, if you see a non-brush or non-holiday* item from MAC that's labelled "Made in China", chances are it is a fake. (May said she got some lip and eye palettes that were also Made in China, did they come from a holiday collection?)

As a cat, I hate fake stuff and prefer propriety and honesty in my life. How about you? Don't you agree with me?

Sorry for the late post today. Internet was so demeted at Border's and Dao had to move to another location for free wi-fi. I hope you like this post and please subscribe and follow this blog to see moi again.

Peace, love and meow,

Mr. Belly >^.^<

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  1. Hmm. I don't know - I have at least one or two MAC lip & eyeshadow palettes that I've taken apart (yes, I was really bored) that had hidden "Made in China" labels stamped on them. I'm pretty sure it's authentic MAC too, since I bought them back when I was really big on MAC and shopped at my local freestanding store often.

    According to the FTC, any thing can be labelled as "Made in the USA" on the outside packaging as long as the final processing takes place in the US... and by "final processing" it can be anything from filling the containers to placing the containers into packaging :P

    I do know that a lot of cosmetics companies (not necessarily MAC, which I don't know about) outsource their production to China. NYX and some Wet 'n Wild products come to mind.

  2. Hi May,

    NYX and Wet 'n Wild have "made in China" products now. MAC is a bit more stringent on their stuff. Did you get the lip and eyeshadow palettes during their holiday LE? My brush set was also a special edition item and it was made in China. I guess there's some truth in the "made in China" label in some holiday items. However, the regular single items I have are not made in China.

  3. This is interesting info! Hmmm...

    Belly is so cute!!

  4. Interesting info, thanks for sharing. I usually only get my MAC stuff from their counters to avoid fakes, but should I decide to buy elsewhere, I'll keep this in mind.

  5. Hi Elle,

    Belly said hi hi meow! He's so happy that you like his post!

  6. Hi Gio,

    Yes, I always get my MAC stuff from the counters. The counterfeit makers are getting very sophisticated these days.

  7. hi! i bought my 182 in a counter store in Tangs singapore and it's labeled made in china.. most of the mac 182 brush in asia were made in china.. and i don't think it's fake cause i buy it on a big mac counter. ;D


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