Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rubenesque Paint Pot: Golden Peach Shimmer Goodness!

Hi everybody,

I just widened my vocabulary courtesy of MAC. I’m not kidding, the way MAC named their products make me feel smart already. Let’s learn, shall we?
: of, relating to, or suggestive of the painter Rubens or his works ; especially : plump or rounded usually in a pleasing or attractive way (a rubenesque figure)
About a year ago, I wrote about the marvel of paint pots. These products really changed my makeup life as they allow eye shadows to stay until I take them off. While paint pots are eye shadows, they make extremely good bases. At the time I started to get into them, around February 2008, MAC started to streamline their products and as a result, some colors disappeared. I was lucky enough to get Cash Flow and Perky from the Fafi collection. After that, I haven’t seen a new paint pot surfacing from a new LE. The closest MAC came to release a new paint pot was the Ungaro collection but the nixed it at the very last minute.

As much as I love to own some colorful paint pots, the ones in their regular lineup are plenty of fun to play. I’ve been eyeing Rubenesque ever since I got Bare Study. In fact, if I decided to get Rubenesque instead, I would not have gotten Bare Study that I have been using very frequent.

MAC Rubenesque

MAC Rubenesque bottom-up ;)

While its golden peachiness makes it an intimidation to the eyes, this color is surprisingly wearable. To me, it blends right in and leaves no hint of color behind. I guess my skin has both golden and pink pigments in it, which makes this shade so perfect. The new Rubenesque blends smoothly and feels more moisturizing than the other paint pots I have. I don’t know whether MAC made any changes to their products or this is a new pot but it feels really good to apply this Rubenesque on my eyelids. And like the other ones I have, it last and last all day long.

And now there are five of them…

Can you name them all?

Ok, here they are!
I guess Rubenesque can be duped by mixing Perky and Cash Flow. Whether you find them is another problem as they are long gone LE items.

And here’s a skin swatch for those who look for preference
Top row, L-R: Painterly, Bare Canvas
Bottom row, L-R: Perky, Rubenesque, and Cash Flow
Picture taken with natural light and without flash

I’m glad to hold on to the idea of owning Rubenesque: it is really great! The Sumo sale just made it easier for me to get it. Right now, I’m eyeing on Delft, the only bright color left in the line up. Well, we all have the next Friends and Family sale, don’t we?

What do you think about Rubenesque and MAC paint pots? Please comment and let me know!


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  1. I honestly have to say that I don't like my Rebenesque. I bought online so I never tested it because everyone raved to me about it. However, I'm in LOVE with blackground pp. It's so awesome as a base for a smokey eye or eyeliner. Very versatile too <3

  2. Rubenesque sounds great! I keep hearing so many good things about it, I'm thinking of getting it once my UDPP runs out.

  3. Hi Pattie,

    Paint pots can be hits or misses. You should try Bare Canvas, it's really awesome. I notice those who have gold and pink undertones tend to fare well with Rubenesque. Bare Canvas is lighter and more suitable for those who lack gold pigmentation in their skin.

    I use a black eyeliner as a base for smokey eyes sometimes. It's a lot nicer :)

  4. Hi Blair,

    Welcome you, my first time commenter! I really like Rubenesque a lot. You should give it a try.

  5. Hi Gio,

    You should give it a try (or at least a swatch) and compare it with Bare Canvas. I guess you'll look fine with Bare Canvas as it's similar to the regular UDPP. Rubenesque is closer to Sin UPDD, I guess :)

  6. hey dao, i found that i don't like the shimmery paint pots as much as the matte ones!

  7. I love Paint Pots from MAC!! :) It's so addicting wanting to get all of them... hehe~ The funny thing is I have everything you have. :D

    I don't know if the brush would be good for foundation. I think the brush is too lose unless you use it for mineral foundation. That might be possible. :/

  8. Hi! I just bought my first 3 paint pots last week. I got Painterly, Quite Natural & Constructivist. I had not bought MAC for over a year, so it was a big splurge for me. Can you tell me what brush or brushes you use? I've been trying a couple of older concealer type brushes and they're not great. Thanks!

  9. Hi Kia,

    I think I'm the opposite: I like the shimmer ones, they make my eye shadows look more vibrant. Have you tried Painterly and Soft Ochre yet?

  10. Hi Alyssa,

    Somebody told me that particular brush works very well for mineral foundation and I really want to try.

    Wow, you have quite a lot of paint pots. Like you, I also want some more of them. These paint pots are great!

  11. Hi Lily,

    I haven't bought MAC for a while as well, until the sumo sale :) You got some really good ones there, how do you like them?

    To apply paint pot, I don't use any brushes because they eat up the product and do not spread well. I just simply apply with my finger and the heat from my finger helps spreading the paint pot better.

    I did a look with just paint and paint pot a while back. If you search for it, you'll get some ideas.

  12. Thanks Dao! I missed the Sumo sale. That was a good savings. I'm going to try using my finger to apply my paints tomorrow. Painterly is better than any eye shadow base I've tried yet. I tried each of the other 2 colors in the crease....but, just like you said, the brush ate up lots of the paint. I'm also going to search the look you did.

  13. Hi again, Lily,

    If you like Painterly, you should try Soft Ochre. It's also a matte paint pot and some people like it better than Painterly.

  14. Hi Dao, Yes, I just googled for swatches, very nice shade.....it probably is a great base! I didn't even see that one at the store. It's now on my list. Thanks!

  15. Hi Lily,

    You may find it online, some stores may not have it in stock since it's a popular shade.

  16. how does cash flow look on? green? gold? :)

  17. Hi,

    It's a dirty gold color. I did a review pretty early on in this blog, if you search, you may find :)

  18. congrats! keep up the good work/this is a great presentation.

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