Wednesday, April 15, 2009

She's a Doll FOTD

Hi ladies,

Lately I've been in a FOTD streak. Since most of the time I'm at home writing my thesis, things can get boring pretty quickly. To jazz things up, I decided to take a break to play with my makeup once in a while. And whenever a look came out pretty, I took some pictures and keep them aside. The color choice varies from day to day but recently, I've been swinging more on nature's rarest pigments: blue. Needless to say, I have so many blue eye shadows that this summer I can actually save a lot of money from buying new eye colors.

Some of the stuff I used in this FOTD have already been discontinued or are LEs but I believe you can find some substitution.

The ingredients

The look is actually inspired by traditional dolls although I'm no doll myself!
Find out how to get the look after the jump :)


  • Using Coastal Scents synthetic eye brush, I applied Napoleon Perdis loose pigment #29;
  • Then using Sonia Kashuk blending brush, I applied NYX Space Blue pearl mania on the outer corner into 2/3 of the eyes;
  • Using the same brush, I carefully filled in the inner 1/3 of the eyes with Follow the Sun from The She Space;
  • I highlighted my eyes with EDM Wet Sand blush using the same blending brush.
  • The eyes were lined with Hot Teal liner from Victoria's Secret and several coats of mascara were applied.
Semi-close eye

Closed eye

Cheeks: using my fluffy slanted blush brush, I applied several layers of my favorite Maybelline pink blush.


The lips are interesting as I used 3 different products with different texture to create a doll-like pout:
  • First, I applied MAC Plink! lipstick all over the lips;
  • Then I carefully applied Not so Shy! see thru lip color in heart shapes at the center of the upper and lower lips;
  • Finally, I topped it off with Elle lip glass and got a very dolly pout. Elle is a LE a couple of years ago and I believe is very similar to Snow Girl lip glass.
Other stats: AwG oil control primer, foundation in Grace 3.5; Silk Naturals perfecting powder ; CoverGirl Professional Super Thick Lash mascara.

How to look like a 16 year-old when you're not: make your face look rounder by clamping your lips together!

Peace, y'all!

This look is really bright and I guess is appropriate for fun party events. I don't think it's appropriate to wear to see your in-laws though, please don't take that risk!

That's all for the day, ladies! Happy hump day and have a fabulous rest of the week. As usual, stay gorgeous!

With love,
Your Makeup Blogger

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  1. For some reason I could never make Plink! work for me. I ended up swapping it away :P I don't know why, I always gravitate towards really warm peachy/apricot colors.

  2. Plink! is a mystery. Lots of light skinned girls love it. I think Temptalia once put it as her favorite. To me, Plink! would work only when it's coupled with another darker pink color. That's why Not So Shy! see thru lip color comes in so handy.

    Warm peachy/apricots are nice too. Although I don't wear them as much, I do have a lip gloss from Avon that I love a whole lot.

  3. look at you breaking out in blue! nice. this is rather bold, spring and colorful for you.. great stuff and pretty!

  4. Hi Kia,

    I really love this FOTD, it's rather bright for me but I guess folks around me are used to seeing me with bright colors. Too bad NP folded at Sephora, his pigment is pretty good.

  5. i love the liner! so pretty =)

  6. Hi Pattie,

    I love that liner as well, although it's a bit hard to remove. Victoria's Secret discontinued it a while back, I got it from a semi-annual sale.

  7. This is so bright and colorful, I love it! You look great!

  8. Hi Gio,

    I'm glad you like it! It's probably one of the brightest looks I've done :)


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