Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Swatch

Hello ladies,

When I first purchased products from NYX, the one product that really stood out was the Ultra Pearl Mania. Contained in the bullet-size bottles, these little gems are so cute and affordable: currently Cherry Culture sells them at $1 USD a pop and Nonpareil Boutique at $1.25 USD. During the time Cherry Culture had free shipping with all orders, I placed my order of 8 vials of Ultra Pearl Mania. I had to keep myself from going crazy and buying everything NYX, after all there is going to be a sale coming soon. If I remember correctly, last year the Cherry Culture sale happened around Thanksgiving. I will keep you posted when it happens.

Now I have 10 of them, my world wide domination is coming together slowly
But why some bottles are empty?

Because, m'dear...
...I transferred them to the cute mini jars I got at Joann's

(L-R): Space blue in the bullet (about 1/3 of it) and in the mini jar

For its price and quality, the Ultra Pearl Mania is extremely valuable. While the content of some colors fit in the mini jars totally, others still have some left overs in the original bottle. If you've been following the mineral makeup scene, you will notice that some of the pigments are heavier than others. NYX Ultra Pearl Mania is basically mineral pigments and I found the pigments of pink ones are lighter while the darker colors and blues are heavier.

So now are you curious of what I bought? Do you want to see the swatch? Please take a deep breath and click "Read More" :)

The eight colors I bought are very nice and I love them so much.

Top to bottom: Pearl, Nude, Sky Pink, and Mink

I use these four colors more because they are sweet and nice. Recently, the mood struck me to do a lot of these sweet n' low makeup and I found myself using Sky Pink and Mink a whole lot more.
  • Pearl is a soft cotton candy pink that is suitable to use as a highlighting color.
  • Nude is very close to my skin color and is a lovely nude color indeed. It is light sandy yellow and also can be used as a highlighting color.
  • Sky Pink is my favorite color of this batch as it pairs very well with Hardy Candy Taffy eyeshadow or Adorn with Grace Adorable eye shadow to make the perfect pink eye combo.
  • Mink is an interesting color: it has this plushy look that's hard to describe. The color is light brown and very frosty, also suitable for a day look.
Top to bottom: Fanta, Space, Walnut, and Charcoal
  • Fanta: I bought this color because of the name. Remember the old Fanta commercial? "Wanna Fanta, don't you wanna Fanta?" It's supposed to be orange but it's not: the color is reddish-bronzy-orangy, hard to describe but it is beautiful nevetheless.
  • Space (sometimes called Space Blue): this color probably is similar to Napoleon Perdis loose pigment in Blue Velvet but much cheaper and more available (Mr. Perdis decided to fold at Sephora.)
  • Walnut is a gorgeous shimmery brown eye color. Among the colors of this batch, I think Walnut has more dimension. I can see a fleck of gold here, a spark of deep brown there. It also reminds me a lot of MAC Teddy eye kohl (I need to try pairing the two together to create a mind-blowing brown eye look sometimes.)
  • Charcoal is my attempt to not using black eye color when doing a smokey eye look. The thing is, this color is quite weak for that purpose but nevetheless a lovely color.
As I said before, if you want to try NYX, you need to get yourself some of these lovely Ultra Pearl Mania bullets. The one complain I have is the bottles: they are so tiny and hard to get my brush into. However, an extra couple of dollars to upgrade to the mini jars and voila, easy application! Price-wise, you can get 19 of them and still have 50 cents in your pocket instead of paying for a jar of MAC pigment. Also, they contain generous amount of pigment. When I transfered my mineral pigments from 3-gram jars to these mini jars, look what happened:

The jars are not even half full!

I know most mineral makeup companies out there are operating with low cost and they mix their own colors. Also, the colors are unique and I am not complaining of the treatment I received from the mineral makeup companies. Most of the owners are really nice and answer your emails personally. However, I could not believe my eyes of how much product I received!

I'm proud of my tiny jars that are full of NYX Ultra Pearl Mania
Texture-wise, they are the same as those from Napoleon Perdis, believe it or not!

The one thing I love about pigments is a jar lasts forever. Unless you are a makeup artist who does a lot of gigs, I find it impossible to finish a pigment jar. So if you decide to buy them, please share with your friends and family members. That way you can get more and not feeling guilty of owning too much makeup.

That's all for today. I wish you a lovely evening. Did you swith your wardrobe to winter clothings yet? I did that last night because finally the temperature dropped. Right now I'm enjoying the crispy cool air.

With love,
Your Makeup Blogger

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  1. OHhhh, you know how much I love my NYXes. Hay, I'm thinking of doing a second edition of NYX Swatches Collection but I'd be collecting swatches all over again. I don't know if you read my posts back in the day on asianbeautyblog.com but there's no direct link to it on that site now b/c they removed the premium bloggers. What do u think? Would u be up for sending in some swatches if I get this ball rolling?

  2. Hey Alien Man,

    I did not know you were in ABB until much later when I searched for NYX swatches and bumped into that link you gave me :) I'd love to send you some pictures if you decide to collect the swatches, just give me the credit :) I don't really have lots of NYX swatches btw, maybe some couple of pictures.

  3. i have yet to try the NYX pearl manias! nobody sells NYX out here except for ulta and even then they only have a limited selection of eyeshadows and NO pearl manias! =[ i have to order online lol

  4. Hi Roxy,

    Lucky you to have Ulta, I don't have that wonderful store near where I live so all my NYX purchases are online. I think Cherry Culture is having a sale soon so you can get your pearl mania bottles then. They are really wonderful loose eye pigments.

  5. As a newbie to makeup, is it better to have loose pigments? How do you use them, with a wet brush? Does that make blending harder? I am just wondering about this loose pigment craze. I just stick to the pressed shadows b/c that's what I know. maybe you could help me out. :)

  6. Ooo that blue one is so pretty!

  7. Hi Annie,

    Thank you for asking me questions. I always love to read questions from readers, especially first-time commenters.

    Your questions are tied to a topic that is important and I'm really glad you asked, btw. So what I'm going to do is having a post for all of your questions, how does it sound? Please check back next week for the answers of your questions, ok?

  8. Hi Lydia,

    How are you doing? That's Space (blue), one of my favorite blues. I have a lot of blue eye shadows and this one works very well.


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