Thursday, August 14, 2008

You're Gonna Love Me: MAC Emanuel Ungaro

As I promised y'all yesterday, today I'm posting something that we're all looking forward to next month: the MAC Emanuel Ungaro collection! Thanks to the wonderful Marie Claire magazine, I was able to see two products of this collection that were used in the Ungaro fall fashion show runway. And Oh. My. Gawd, my mouth hung open and I tried my best to wipe the drool off my face. Marie Claire teased us with an image of a lustre lipstick in Pure Rose and an eyeshadow called Mineral and both of them are gorgeous. See for yourself, I can't help but took some couple of snapshots at the image.

The piece about MAC Ungaro in Marie Claire
(Click to view a bigger image)

Pure Rose Lustre Lipstick (L) and Mineral Eyeshadow (R)
The package design is kinda eh for a designer LE, don't cha think?

Close up at the model's makeup
Muy romantica, si?

Ungaro designer Esteban Cortazar was inspired from Claude Monet's "Water Lilies" and wanted an earthy, smokey eye look. He mentioned that the brown is not flat but "a blend of green, blue, lilac, and fuchsia. The lips were stained with a pink that looks like crushed flower petals". Interesting! And by the way, Monet was one of my favorite artists and I love the serene of his paintings.

Can't wait for MAC Emanuel Ungaro to hit the store! I'm aggressively saving my money just for this collection and praying it won't disappoint me.

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  1. The model has a very nice look to her. Will have to try! How much was it again?

  2. Hi Kaolee,

    The eyeshadow is $14.50 USD and the lipstick is $14 USD. The collection doesn't come out until the end of September though and it's only at limited location and online.

  3. i love ungaro! and that pure rose lipstick looks so sweet. i want it!

    funny how monet is one of your favorite artists too. i absolutely love his work =)

    hey i've given you an award on my blog. come visit it when you can ;)

  4. Hi Estellar,

    Thanks for giving me an award, I'll definitely come to your blog :)

    I want the Pure Rose lipstick too, it looks like a nice and wearable pink. Monet is a great artist and I'm so happy we both love his work.

  5. I hope theres better pink e/s in this collection because the permanent pink e/s aren't really all that great =[

  6. Hi Roxy,

    Do you think so? I really like Expensive Pink, which is not really pink though. I have high hopes for Ungaro collection since the sneak preview looks gorgeous.


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